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Return of the Blind Dead (1973)

I first came across Tombs of the Blind Dead unintentionally. I stumbled across it while looking through Netflix. Hearing good things about it, I watched it and I loved it. 697 more words


Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972)

After the release of the George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, zombie films were a noticeable trend from foreign film markets. Yet, it would be much bigger when Dawn of the Dead came out. 559 more words


Faust: So Stupid It Hurts (to laugh)

Have you ever seen a movie so stupid, so terrible, so what-the-fuck-was-the-director-thinking, that it became good? Not just good, but insanely entertaining and (dare I say) … 274 more words


HIDDEN HORROR-Tombs of the Blind Dead

For this entry let’s look at another horror film from Spain, 1971’s “Tombs of the Blind Dead,” the first entry in the Blind Dead series of films from Amando de Ossorio. 456 more words

La Leyenda de la Llorona (2011)

This is a kid’s movie. So why am I reviewing it? Because the ghost of Llorona got nothin’ on chupacabras! And I’m always hunting for spooks from other cultures. 314 more words


Movie Reviews: "[REC]³: Génesis"

Written & Directed by Paco Plaza.

“Rec 3″ is something special. It’s a genre changer for horror films. I find it funny that the series that really championed modern found footage, 1st-person angle shot horror, may be the one to end that trend. 295 more words

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Movie Reviews: "Tesis" (1996)

Tesis is the Spanish word for thesis. The film follows a woman in college named Angela who is working on a thesis paper about violence and media. 166 more words

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