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Use Subliminal Messages to Learn Spanish Language Fast

Want to learn Spanish language fast? Consider using subliminal messages while you are learning a second language for improving your communication skills with those who don’t know your first language. 455 more words

Third Language

We all know the most common 2nd language in the USA is Spanish. But what is the third most common spoken language where you live? 72 more words

Word Mystery: swell / hinchar / gonfler

Wednesdays, I explore the linguistic origins of the same word in different languages.

Christmas in July was a bit of a joke on my part, but that week ended up being cold enough in Paris that I ran the heat for a couple hours when I got home every night. 410 more words


What's in a bodega?

An interesting international discussion cropped up around my shop Word Mystery post regarding what exactly a bodega is. For me, it falls into the category of words (I should come up with a name for them) that mean totally… 279 more words



After preparing the last post I happened to visit Anne Jutras’s French-language blog and came across a post that began with this sentence: “Quand j’étais petite, j’étais obnubilée par les couchers de soleil.” That translates to: “When I was little, I was X by sunsets,” where I’ve substituted X for the feminine past participle… 175 more words

Spanish Language

Pura Vida Costa Rica!

Taylor Clarke is a rising 4th year student majoring in Statistics who studied abroad on the UVA in Costa Rica program in Alajuela. Enjoy her pictures!