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Hembra is one of those Spanish words that an English speaker isn’t initially likely to make any connection to, but knowledge of a few of the quirks that Latin underwent on its way to becoming Spanish soon enough renders the word recognizable as a descendant of Latin… 185 more words

Spanish Language

Guatemala - Down South

When I left Honduras, a place I just never clicked with, I was ready for some new adventure. A friend was going to Belize; I decided to go with her; I got off the bus in Guatemala. 1,858 more words


One Lesson From Spanish to Make Your Writing Reader-Friendly

I’ve observed one basic difference between the Spanish and English languages: The languages handle the order of their nouns and adjectives differently. And this one difference can be pivotal in writing effectively for an audience. 357 more words


¡Agradecemos a todos los que nos ayudaron!

Aunque soy cristiano, tengo una tendencia a ser pesimista. Pero los acontecimientos recientes han restaurado completamente mi fe en la humanidad.

Tantas personas respondieron a… 393 more words


Learning a New Language: Not Even Once

I liked learning Spanish.  A lot.

Not because it was easy (it wasn’t).  Maybe because it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m not a “natural” language learner–if such a thing exists.   362 more words

Chapter 1: The Quest For Pura Vida

U.S. Spanish book sales climb

Midvale, UT, USA — Publishing is evolving and crossing borders like never before, as is children’s literature. Amazon.com’s recent entry into Spain and the explosion of Spanish-language ebook platforms are indicators of the next big publishing market.  300 more words