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5 simple ways to defeat the Roman Catholic Church in Filipinas

The recent visit of Pope Francisco two weeks ago elicited not only spiritual joy among the local Catholic faithful. It also spawned the usual anti-Catholic rhetoric done by holier-than-thou keyboard warriors having a field day bashing the Pope in particular and the Roman Catholic Church in general. 826 more words



You don’t have to be very sharp to recognize that Spanish cacto means the same as English cactus. Nevertheless, if Gertrude Stein, speaking of a different plant that also has showy flowers and warrants careful handling, wrote that “A rose is a rose is a rose,” people who delve into etymology and botany can say that “A cactus isn’t a cactus isn’t a cactus.” For the Romans, the word… 168 more words

Spanish Language

The right side of words

I’ve spent years trying to stay on the right side of words, which for the sake of this column means the etymological side. The word… 383 more words

Spanish Language

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

After a pavement lunch of beer and complimentary tapas we were forced to concede that the weather was not going to improve any further so there was no putting off the visit to the cathedral any longer. 95 more words



veo una luz de fealdad dentro de ti
veo un fulgor de confusión dentro de mí
veo unas palabras que no riman
veo unas campanas que no suenan 59 more words

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Charlie Hebdo

Yesterday there was a terrorist attack on the staff of the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. As much as people around the world reacted to the horror of the event, many non-French speakers might have thought that… 342 more words

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The English Entertainer

Out of all the countries I’ve taught English in, this one has been the most challenging.

The major difference here is that I’m not teaching at a school. 975 more words