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Insomnio /// Insomnia

Madrid es una ciudad de más de un millón de cadáveres
(según las últimas estadísticas).
A veces en la noche yo me revuelvo y me incorporo…

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Presented Pieces

A reflextion on Insomnia

Después de casi veinte años sin escribir poesía, Dámaso Alonso decidió sacar a la luz «lleno de asco y con total desilusión de ser hombre» un poemario que atravesaría las murallas de la posguerra española sin que ningún censor pudiese impedirlo. 770 more words


From a new perspective: Goya's deafness

Based on a fragment from The Sleep of reason.

The sleep of reason, Antonio Buero Vallejo’s theater play based on Goya’s etching of the same name, was published in 1970; however, the author decided that the internal setting of the action should rather take place in 1823.   441 more words


So Priapus, What Do You Get If You Cross An Owl With A Rooster? - The Enormity Of The Tragedy by Quim Monzo

………..I won’t share the punchline of that bad joke with you – you can probably work it out anyway! But there is a similar slapstick-comedy style dirty joke running through Quim Monzo’s intriguing book ‘The Enormity of The Tragedy”. 1,182 more words

Book Reviews

Álvaro Pombo - Cantabrian Chronicler

April finds me once again in the scintillating company of many outstanding artists, writers, and critics at the excellent Numéro Cinq, published by Canadian author Douglass Glover. 134 more words

Philosophical statements of Ortega y Gasset

El enamoramiento es un estado de miseria mental en que la vida de nuestra conciencia se estrecha, empobrece y paraliza.

Falling in love is a state of mental misery in which the life of our consciousness narrows, impoverishes and paralyzes.

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Literary Evenings

Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

A writer whom no one reads might evoke some sympathy.

But a writer whom no one reads, but whose books cause enough hatred that all existing copies must be burned is a promising and interesting start of a narrative. 321 more words

Gothic Fiction