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What You Need to Know about Don Quixote - Literature's Most Misunderstood Novel

No foreigner who has been in Spain more than a few days will fail to recognize them. Statues, portraits and images of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza stare out at you from tiled murals on the walls of schools, museums, shops and cultural centers. 1,444 more words



One of my reading goals for this year is to read one book written in Spanish by an Iberian-American author, for every book I read in English.  604 more words

Wet Noir: Arturo Perez Reverte's The Nautical Chart

This is another book I technically started reading last year, but I’ve only now gotten around to finishing. There will be fresher reviews to come, I promise! 639 more words

‘Egotism in One Hundred Years of Solitude,’ or, ‘Which One Is She Again?’

It can be embarrassing to confess to not having the basic skills required to read a long novel, especially when one claims to have read many “challenging” novels. 740 more words

James Joyce

My January Reading Plans: Part 1

I began my reading year 2014 with Roberto Bolano’s 2666It didn’t bode well for me. I read only the first three parts, about halfway, before laying it down. 192 more words

Spanish Literature

Jorge Luis Borges and the Vindications

A short fiction by Argentine author Jorge Luis Borges  called ‘The Library of Babel’ uses the word ‘vindication’ in such a way that merits further discussion. 603 more words

Literary Analysis

Mea Culpa

There’s a very large book on my book case, not yet slipped into its correct place as I await delivery of more bookshelves to house it and those others that currently sit in the recently read and to-read piles (I find this fitting given a certain passage within this very book). 929 more words