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Ibiza Dream Residence Combining Spanish Architecture and Modern Design

The astonishing Ibiza in Spain was the right place to assemble the brilliant Casa Jondal. Occupying 380 sq. meters, the residence captures the barrier between Spanish rustic fashion parts of structure and trendy design parts. 11 more words

An Unforgettable Story.

Okay so I had to write a love story for my spanish class. When I was first told this I felt really frustrated because I had no idea what to write about! 849 more words

Saturday the 20th of September - Pont du Gard and Nimes

We went for a walk pretty early around the campsite and along the river. It was really pretty. When we got back we got ready and then drove to Pont du Gard. 378 more words


Estudiantes de habla español se ajuatan a un cambio grande

Normalmente la transición de la escuela de enseñanza media a la escuela secundaria es un cambio bien grande en la vida de muchos estudiantes. Y este se agudiza para algunos de ellos que tienen que ajustar se a un cambio mas grande, al dejar un país donde se habla español para venir a vivir en los Estados Unidos. 437 more words


Spanish-speaking students adjust to life in the United States

Normally the transition from middle school to high school is a rather large one in the lives of many students. This change is exacerbated for some who are having to adjust to leaving a country where Spanish is spoken to come live in the United States. 451 more words


Nobody Likes You When You Are 23

It has been a very interesting, exhilarating, and depressing year.  Since October 22, 2013, a lot of things have happened in my life yet nothing has really happened at all.   3,938 more words


Reader: What is the Deal with Ebola in Texas and Madrid?

From a reader:

“What is the deal with the two nurses in Texas and the one in Madrid who contracted ebola from patients? Have they been given a ‘vaccination’, or is it all made up, or have they really caught the disease?” 138 more words