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Child Abuse and Parenting

Sometime I will be walking and, for no apparent reason, I will become outraged by the thought of child abuse. I will spend the next 10 or 15 minutes thinking about the enormity of the injustice of it. 721 more words

Well hello old friend

It has been several days since Chains on Saturday night. Ok ok I hear you ‘Whoa Kylie back up, you haven’t said what happened since you last updated here’ 5,181 more words

Dungeon Crawl - Waxed and Spanked

Saturday night, all dolled up in their finest and off for an evening in an exclusive nightclub. There is no dance floor or DJ, but there are rooms. 887 more words

Blog Hop


I like this. Make the squirmy little bitch take her clothes off first. It’s humiliating. Then make her ass red.

via K.C. Cave.

Nude Woman

Dominance and submission - Twelve Perfect Hours - Part Two #ASMSG


It was where we were supposed to be going for lunch.  And we did have lunch, but there was a very sexy, embarrassing surprise waiting for me. 508 more words

Erotic Books

What She Came For (Short Fiction)

Melinda trembled at the sound of her master’s voice as he whispered “take off your clothes and bend over” in her ear. His voice always did that to her, but there was something more to it this time. 270 more words


Annabelle (part 19)

Sitting under a big beech tree in the middle of the field, Annabelle stirred her potion looking satisfied. Eylion had helped her make a small fire, controlled by magic. 6,416 more words