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The Student

He had been the hard-working professor for so many years and he had earned tenure years ago and yes he was damn well worth every penny they spent on him. 1,234 more words

Erotic Fantasy Life

It's Not Fair

Jared Leto needs to stop making deliciously naughty threats. I just may have to be naughty on purpose.

Imagine this: Jared and/or Shannon showing up at your door, dressed as Santa, holding a riding crop, telling… 54 more words


A Beer Keg and a Turning Point

Kennedy walked up the driveway, triple checking that she was at the right house. She barely knew the people who were hosting this party and she really only was planning on going so she’d have an excuse to do something with Jordan. 5,250 more words

Dominance and submission: Through The Door: Part Six - #ASMSG #ROMANCE #SPANKING

It was the chiming of her cellphone that snapped Belinda awake. Gazing at the clock she saw it was only 6:35 a.m.; it could mean only one thing, and staring at the number reflected on the small screen she knew she was right. 1,081 more words

Erotic Books

A Libertarian Defense of Spanking

Click for more in this series: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

This is my long overdue conclusion to the series I started back in the summer about spanking. 7,383 more words


Social Media Commentary: Bunch of Hyenas

I’ve regularly engaged commentators on different forms of social media. I have a set of strong opinions and I know ignorance when I smell it. Thing is, it solves nothing. 407 more words


Violence Is Never The Answer

When is it okay to spank your child, to slap their hand, to pull their hair, or to beat them with a stick?

According to Adrian Peterson, and millions of others, these actions are okay if your child pushes down another child, or misbehaves. 149 more words

Steven Jennings

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Stephen D Jennings post "Violence is Never the Answer" has prompted me to reiterate and reinforce my view. My best Christmas present of all would be to know that everyone would subscribe to this. This and my last post are really depressing, I know, especially as this is a time when we're filled with anticipation for good times over the festive season. But I hope everyone will see that my heart is in the right place. We need to keep sending this message until it is finally heard.