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Satspanks - The Right Mood

It’s an Easter Saturday – hope you are having a good weekend. Come join the spankings!


Being in a mood for a spanking – sometimes the giver and receiver are a little mismatched in their needs and intentions. 220 more words

Blog Hop

Dominance and submission - Twelve Hours - Part Three - #ASMSG #BDSM

The collar from Harrods was around my neck, leash attached, and the seductive purple corset graced my body. Black satin panties, hose and shoes were the only other articles of clothing permitted, and I was standing in the middle of a fetish club, the likes of which I could never have imagined. 416 more words

Erotic Books

Her Reclusive Passion - Part 6

To the beginning, Part 1

Her bottom… tingled….

Did she just think that? Tingled? After such a resounding spank upon her bottom and all she could think was that it tingled? 1,345 more words

Erotic Fiction


Your kid is a brat. Honestly, truly, 100% a brat.

I know I’m supposed to love her as well as I do the others just by virtue of blood, and I will be truthful and say that I do love her, but I can’t stand her. 73 more words

damage report

Checking the damage. The real damage report comes when she tries to sit down. My suggestion: Masturbate now while standing.

via K.C. Cave.

Amateur Wife

more whacks

Frankly, judging from her face, I’d give her a few more whack on that round ass.. Nice touch, making her hold the paddle. Cruel.

via K.C. Cave.

Nude Woman

Book Club at Celeste Jones' Place!

Hey y’all!

I’m headed over to Celeste Jones’ blog to do my first ever book club hosting!

We are giving away a prize!

Come join in the discussion. 12 more words