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豉椒排骨煲仔飯 Black Bean Spare Ribs Clay Pot Rice


製作時間Cooking Time: 35 mins

份量Serving: 2


米     250克

水      300毫升

排骨    250克

蔥花    適量


蒜蓉    1茶匙

豆豉     1茶匙

鹽         半茶匙

糖         1 茶匙 182 more words

Chinese Cuisine

2-Day Food Trip in Siem Reap, Cambodia

We had a great time food tripping in Cambodia. And I want to share this food adventure.

After visiting the Angkor Wat temple, we had lunch at Restaurant 21.  550 more words

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[San Fernando] La Union: Sizzling Spare Ribs in Kawbin's

Sizzling Spare Ribs

For the very first time, I was able to try a sizzling spare ribs and for this restaurant, I appreciated the name of the food ‘spare ribs.’ Everytime I order spare ribs in some restaurants, I can’t figure out why it is called that way. 299 more words


Famous spare ribs @ Salm Bräu

Item: Famous spare ribs @ Salm Bräu
Date: January 16, 2014
Location: Salm Bräu, Vienna, Austria

There were so many different things I wanted to try at Salm Bräu, and the spare ribs were one of them. 29 more words


Monday Munchies

My girlfriend never fails me when she gets into the kitchen. Last night she made us BBQ Ribs for dinner and they were bomb!!! It was her first time making them but you would never have known. 184 more words


Southern Style BBQ Spare Ribs

I was born and raised in the south where BBQ is king! I recently moved to the Northwest and have searched high and low for good BBQ and still have yet to find it. 351 more words

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Ribs On A Roll

I love the taste of pork meat, but I’m really not a big fan of it. It makes my face break out terribly. So I should probably say; “ 395 more words