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Christmas is ...

It’s almost Christmas and all too often this last week becomes a flurry of frantic shopping, expensive travel, rushed cleaning, stressful detail planning, and frustrated family arguments – all of which sound like the true spirit of the Christmas, right?  1,005 more words

Jeremy's tree...

I almost forgot to add a picture of Jeremy’s tree. I had to go back and buy a new topper because the star zie originally picked out didn’t work when we plugged it in the second time. 52 more words


Getting Into Trouble

It’s not really the best idea to shop for clothes you can’t afford.

New Year's Eve

If you have been lucky enough to be attending a New Year’s Eve party, you need to know how to dress for the occasion in an eye catching manner. 587 more words

151 = lights

Day 151…

Had a great brunch date with some good friends and they had a very pretty window of lights

Thanks Jeanie for your pretty window and thank you Kenna for the word today… you win!


How to clean a file_field?

<% if f.object.header_image.present? %>
              <%= image_tag f.object.header_image.url, class:"img-responsive"%>
            <% end %>
            <%=f.file_field :header_image, class:"form-control"%>

I can successfully upload new file. But How I can just empty my column? 68 more words

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Back to 1920

I am obsessed with 1920’s fashion it was glamorous and classy; the sparkling dresses and deep colours were so captivating. I was sorting through my illustrations today and came across a fashion illustration that I was commissioned for. 41 more words