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General Update

Like I’ve posted, I’ve note been feeling the best. When I get sick, I get knocked down quite a few pegs. I remember being laid up for 2 weeks one year for a cold! 217 more words


How to prepare for a 5k

For some reason, though my desire to exercise remains the same in Winter, my desire to run decreases. This isn’t because the weather is too nasty and cold to run outside – I’m not a huge outside runner for various reasons. 461 more words


Accountability 4-17 & 4-19

Woo slacking with the posts already!

So I went for my run. I was planning on going around 8… but fell back to sleep around 745 LOL! 556 more words


Calorie Counting

And so it begins…. After months of marathon training and basically eating whatever I want, the calorie counting has started again.

I want to say ‘Ughhh’ so bad, but I know I need to be positive and optimistic about it. 703 more words

Daily Life!

Day 2

I can really tell I haven’t worked out in awhile. My abs after (what seemed like) a fairly easy workout yesterday hurt. Waiting for it to be worse tomorrow. 318 more words

You are what you eat. So true.

So, writing on my blog isn’t my top priority. It was a busy week, and blog-writing fell to the wayside. But sometimes, even if I have a spare minute or two, I don’t always know what to write. 753 more words

Finding a Nutritional Balance

Guess what I found!?!  So many of my clients have needed this tool, which makes for an exciting find!  Finding the right nutritional balance for your body is difficult at any stage of life but even more so when pregnant.  235 more words