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Calorie Counting

And so it begins…. After months of marathon training and basically eating whatever I want, the calorie counting has started again.

I want to say ‘Ughhh’ so bad, but I know I need to be positive and optimistic about it. 703 more words

Daily Life!

Day 2

I can really tell I haven’t worked out in awhile. My abs after (what seemed like) a fairly easy workout yesterday hurt. Waiting for it to be worse tomorrow. 318 more words

You are what you eat. So true.

So, writing on my blog isn’t my top priority. It was a busy week, and blog-writing fell to the wayside. But sometimes, even if I have a spare minute or two, I don’t always know what to write. 753 more words

Finding a Nutritional Balance

Guess what I found!?!  So many of my clients have needed this tool, which makes for an exciting find!  Finding the right nutritional balance for your body is difficult at any stage of life but even more so when pregnant.  235 more words


I lost .8 pounds despite unexpected company for the weekend. I can honestly say if it were summer I would have weighed less. A lot of people do a strip to get on the scale, taking off as much as they can including shoes. 309 more words


BIP -- Lucy or Ethel? You Decide...

From Best in Post ~

I’m playing a game. A game of tag with a bunch of Spark people over at Spark People Dot Com. It’s a challenge. 841 more words


Beginning to get healthier

I’ve known I’ve needed to make some lifestyle changes for quite a while. I’ve been having more trouble bending over and also with buttoning up my pants. 451 more words

Working Out