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Men and "The Spark."

Many “men” like to imagine that there is a “spark” between him and the woman he currently wants to have sex with. Though the common misconception is that women are the ones who like to play into the fantasy of sharing a deep connection with someone upon first meeting them–that whole love at first sight game–it is really “men” who project all the desired traits they want in a woman onto the one they’re most physically attracted to for the time being. 100 more words

Monday 27th October 2014 (Not 1989)

There once was a time when the idea of a new Taylor Swift album was a wonderful thing. Four years ago, Speak Now came out. It blew my mind. 283 more words


My Current Obsession with Taylor Swift

I don’t know about you guys, but my taste in music depends on my mood, location and just what I’m doing that day. I’ll listen to anything as long as it isn’t screaming at me, and yes, I have been known to have One Direction on repeat (so much shame right now). 238 more words

You Gave Me a Taylor Soundtrack.

You tell me about your past thinking your future was me. Δ Flash forward and we’re taking on the world together. Δ I was there when you said forever and always. 443 more words

Formal Flaunts

The First Time.

I would like to dedicate this blog to all the first times.



The first time when you understood what love is.

The first time when you ran out of your house and danced in the rain. 426 more words