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Anna Ignatieva, Daria Elmakova and Maksim Tkachenko

Anna Ignatieva as “Phrygia”, Daria Elmakova as “Aegina” and Maksim Tkachenko as “Spartacus”, “Spartacus”, Leonid Yacobson Ballet at 2014 Birgitta Festival, Tallinn, Estonia (August 10, 2014) 141 more words

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Moffat Told He Can't Pit Cumberbatch Against Capaldi In Deathmatch

Steven Moffat has been told in no uncertain terms that he can’t film Benedict Cumberbatch and Peter Capaldi fighting to the death in gladiatorial combat to appease the masses on the internet. 345 more words


I'm Spartacus!!!

a Multi-coloured scuba suit, hanging from a door!

Ricardo Piggersdean was a school-boy by day and a lunatic by night.
Nobody knew this, not even his uncle’s auntie, Auntie Frostie, who he had lived with ever since his mummy and daddy ran off to fulfil their dreams of being insurance brokers in Scunthorpe, New Spinstershire. 162 more words


The Slave (1962)

Steve Reeves as The Son of Spartacus!

This Italian production from director Sergio Corbucci surprised me in that it’s a whole lot more enjoyable than it has any right to be. 385 more words

Kirk Douglas

I am Spartacus!

This morning was an early start to leave enough time to trek across town to interview a client. I hate being late. I was brought up to consider it rude to be late for someone. 803 more words

Social media and the new brand of disability activism

The sudden onslaught of government cuts disproportionately affecting disabled people and the long-term sick have met with the growth of social media. This was – and is – an era of bedroom tax arrears and Personal Independence Payment delays, where government policies mean the UK risks being in breach of international obligations to the rights and equality of disabled people. 109 more words