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Developing the Minds of Tomorrow Through Origami

by Caroline Bosc, French Teacher & Origami Elective Teacher

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of turning a flat piece of paper into a three-dimensional shape. 259 more words

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Spatial Visualization Skills FAQs - Engage Engineering

A cool FAQ on the importance of spatial visualization skills in most STEM fields, and the research on how to improve them.

Research has demonstrated that training is an effective way to improve spatial visualization skills Contero et al., 2006; Ferguson, Ball, McDaniel, & Anderson, 2008; Hand, Uttal, Marulis, & Newcombe, 2008; Hsi et al., 1997; Martín-Dorta et al., 2008; Newcombe, 2006; Onyancha, Derov, & Kinsey, 2009; Onyancha, R., Towle, E., & Kinsey, B., 2007; Sorby, 2009; Sorby & Baartmans, 2000; Terlecki, Newcombe, & Little, 2008.  

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Progression, Enthusiasm, and Space

In Mandarin Chinese, 上 (shàng) means above, while 下 (xià) means below. Shàng also means before, as in shàng wǔ (before noon), while xià means after, as in xià wǔ (afternoon). 393 more words



Consider a cube of side . The centers of each pair of faces of the cube sharing a common edge are connected to form a regular octahedron (a regular polyhedron with equilateral triangular faces). 75 more words

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Finding the right game

My father, 93 this year, barely speaks now. During the three days my sisters and I recently spent with him, he said little more than yes or no. 1,217 more words

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