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Consider a cube of side . The centers of each pair of faces of the cube sharing a common edge are connected to form a regular octahedron (a regular polyhedron with equilateral triangular faces). 75 more words

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Finding the right game

My father, 93 this year, barely speaks now. During the three days my sisters and I recently spent with him, he said little more than yes or no. 1,217 more words

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Tinkerbox is a puzzle game based on the Rube Goldberg theme: confronted with a machine that isn’t working, and few extra parts, your task is to complete the device to deliver the balls to their target. 387 more words

Spooky Halloween Programs

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  1.  Topic: Addition, Subtraction, Equations: Book: Ready, Set, Hop! by Murphy.
  2. Topic: Programming, Functions:
    The functions: Scream {
    ___Print “B”
    ___Do 2 times {
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