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Wordless Wednesday A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Meows

I really look forward to going back to volunteering at the animal shelter when I have been away from it for a while. Today’s visit spanned generations from kittens to an awesome older kitty. 64 more words


How do you know if an animal welfare organisation is worth receiving YOUR HARD EARNED CASH?

How do you know that the organisation you support is LEGITIMATE, ABOVE BOARD, and that most importantly in a time when most people are counting their pennies – is your hard earned money being used effectively? 1,041 more words

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A Rabbit with All the Fixin's

This may seem like a silly statement given the website you’re on, but we don’t spay or neuter our rabbits around here.

We are of the belief that if we are raising rare breed rabbits to improve the breed and to provide for our family… we should actually  387 more words

Pet Rabbits

My Journey for Charity in Northern Ontario: Day 2

This is technically day 3, but due to my lack of internet access here is Day 2. Today’s will hopefully come later.

Day 2

We were so busy today, I didn’t even have time to dwell on the fact that I had no cell service and therefore no connection to the world outside of the community in Round Lake. 483 more words

Jenn - The Vet Tech

More Success Stories!

FIVE more feral cats being spay/neutered today! Four females and one Tom! This colony has about 15 adults and a mess of kittens. Lots of work to be done and this is just one colony in this neighborhood….Marietta City.


Pay it Forward..Kitty Style!!

Kitten season is tough on all the animal groups and associations each and every year.  Not only does everyone work frantically to spay and neuter the moms and dads before more litters are born, homes for all the babies must be found as well. 143 more words

Kitten Season