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Foster Kitten Update

The last two of the litter of five kittens I’ve been fostering go in tomorrow for spay and neuter. Lov-N-Stuff may be delayed a few more days while he recuperates from his sinus infection. 681 more words


The American Spay & Neuter Issue

Most body parts have an essential function that help us in some way.

Rarely is a body part considered totally non-beneficial. Tonsils, gallbladders, even the appendix–even body parts that we can live without still have uses and benefits. 972 more words

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Fostering for the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County

One of my favorite parts of life is fostering for the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County.  Yes, it is incredibly difficult to give them back after bonding for a few weeks, but it is completely worth it. 194 more words


Pyometra in Dogs

Pyometra in dogs

Definition: Accumulation of pus in the uterus is named pyometra.This can be very dangerous and life-threatening if the owner doesn’t attention to this problem. 248 more words

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More Adventures in Kitty-Sitting

Foster Kitten Update

Have you ever had an experience with ringworm? If you have, you already know it’s not a worm at all but a fungus. 759 more words



If you have ever vacationed in the Caribbean and ventured out of the beautiful resort areas you probably have seen the completely heart breaking sights of starving, abused and homeless animals. 349 more words

Furry Friends.

Officials Push For Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law For Long Beach Pet Owners

LONG BEACH (CBSLA.com) — The city of Long Beach is poised to start cracking down on its dog and cat population.

KNX 1070′s Bob Brill reports the City Council is considering a new law that would make it mandatory for owners to spay or neuter their pets with only a limited number of exceptions. 146 more words