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Stoner & Spaz by Ron Koertge

Although classified as a breakthrough novel in the Young Adult genre, Stoner & Spaz–like all good novels–can be read and enjoyed by anyone.

It’s a short book, very lean and very well-written.  471 more words

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Future Death: Special Victim

With enough high range to peel paint and drum rolls to level a city, Austin’s Future Death smash and destroy their way into Special Victim… 505 more words

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Always Anxious

If my friends and family could describe me in one word, they would probably say spaz.

I started having trouble with my anxiety when I was in high school, but it got worse when I went to college. 744 more words


From Spastic to Steady

Namaste this, my deranged brain would fire as I sat deeper in the eagle pose. Kiss my asana! I was wildly competitive for something meant to focus on building spiritual, mental, and physical health. 897 more words


Twitter API

Using a Twitter client, you can connect to WordPress.com to follow your favorite blogs and receive notifications when new posts are published. You can even publish status updates to the… 319 more words

Digital Marketing

Skydiving to prostitution. I should probably seek help.

I like to play the “What If” game. It’s a game that gives leave to the imagination to do as it pleases. The funny thing about my imagination, it likes to play “Worst Case Scenario” when I try to play “What If.” 1,271 more words