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Matt explores density

Today for news Matt brought along an experiment showing density.  He had two jars – one had plain water in it, the other had salt water in it.   115 more words

Speaking And Listening

Mobile making.

We enjoyed looking at mobiles made by Alexander Calder. We decided to create our own mobiles to enhance our school community. We worked in small groups to plan our mobiles and list the different resources we wanted to use.



We were all looking forward to our special visitors coming to talk to us about what it had been like when they went to our school. 161 more words


Pop Off Piece

As we continue with our study of editorial writing and ranting, it’s time to play reporter. You will be writing an editorial and completing a rant based on issues and topics important to you. 85 more words

Speaking And Listening

5 ways to memorise a text

This week in Literacy we have begun to learn about how to write ‘discussions’.  We looked at some videos of discussions (in Parliament, on the news, in a law court) and began to learn a discussion text off by heart. 81 more words

Our Community.

After our walk around Fishguard last week we began to consider the different amenities in our community. We listed all the various amenities we could think of – food shops, clothes shops, library, cinema, bus stops were all included. 29 more words

I.P.C. - Living Together

What we hear isn't always what is being said ..


If you look at this painting by one of my daughters you would be forgiven for not knowing what it was about. How you view this painting depends upon – your imagination, the experiences that you bring to it, your knowledge of my daughter and the subjects of her work as well as what you would like these images to represent. 369 more words