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"Are there any questions?" isn't a close for your presentation

Your last words can make or break your presentation. If there’s any hope they’ll remember (and act on) anything you’ve said, those last few words are the key. 113 more words


Presentation Skills Training from Craig Valentine

Gain the presentation skills needed to breathe life into your speech, bring the audience to you, and build a message that sticks. In this clip, professional speaker and speech coach, Craig Valentine, shares the importance of having a foundational phrase.

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On Effective Voice Articulation

This video discusses factors that contribute to this quality and offers suggestions for practice to strengthen articulation muscles and increase vibration on the vocal folds to improve sound quality. 17 more words

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Verbal questions, Visual answers | An apptivity

At TEDx Gateway 2014, there was a surprise speaker named K.K. Raghavan under the business maverick category. He spoke about all sorts of things but the crux of his talk was on how new technology has zombiefied us to a certain extent and leeched us of our humanity. 813 more words

Beyond Shhh: Finding an Effective Library Voice

In the past, we covered how to say no and public speaking skills (all librarians need them!). Now, it’s time to think about the mechanics of your actual speaking voice. 300 more words

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Use of Body Language in Presentations

Deborah Grayson Riegel explains the importance of effective body language when speaking in front of groups.

Deborah’s video clearly demonstrates the correct use of gestures, facial expressions and professional movement during presentations and will help even the most experienced public speaker learn a few new speaking techniques.

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