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Freeze Frame

If you’ve been to a TPRSĀ® training in the last five years (or more), it’s likely that you are familiar with the “Freeze Frame” activity. I know that Carol Gaab often lists it as an activity to use when reading novels from TPRS Publishing, and many of my favorite bloggers have shared their versions of the activity over the past few years (readĀ Freeze Frame descriptions from… 698 more words


Warmer of the Week - Polarisation

Here’s an idea for a simple, low preparation, communicative activity to set the context and lead in to your lesson.

The basic procedure

  1. Write ‘I agree’ on one side of the board and ‘I disagree’ on the other side of the board.
  2. 287 more words

English Club Monster Mash

English clubs are part of the Ecuadorian curriculum, and, of course, many EFL teachers around the world start English clubs to give students an opportunity to have fun while learning the language. 575 more words


Videotelling notes

I caught a video as I was heading out to class this morning called What is that? from my wordpress feed courtesy of An idea a day. 561 more words


Another task accomplished

Tomorrow my writer’s group is having a small conference. It was intended to be a bigger affair with over 20 workshops for the day, but registrations were not what we anticipated so we’ve had to scale it down. 564 more words

Life And Happiness

A to Z Life Advice

A : Always do your best
B : Be nice to everyone
C : Can’t stop before you finish
D : Dare to be different… 186 more words


Somebody Should Speak Up, This Is A Bad Idea

Have you ever been with a group of people who do not speak up? Maybe one of the members suggests an idea, then the others agree with the idea, and then a plan of action is taken, but in truth no one likes the idea. 377 more words