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What should environmental and sustainability communication focus on?

What should environmental and sustainability communication focus on?

Should it emphasize the science of environmental issues or the risk of what could be lost? Should it focus on the responsibility people have to do something? 91 more words

Environmental Communication

My History with Text-- Transcript

This is the transcript for the speech I wrote for my freshman seminar class, mentioned in this blog post. It’s a little over three minutes long, for anyone who wants to use it for themselves. 665 more words


BREAKING NEWS: The Internet Will NOT Rot your Brain Immediately! No, Really!

The freshman seminar class that I chose to take this semester is called Analogue Writing in a Digital Age, in which we write with fountain pens and bind books and talk about the concept of text and a whole bunch of other nerdy good things. 657 more words


Reflective Teaching Day 1: My Goals for This Year

This month has been big for me! I created a Twitter account and participated in my first #langchat ever (okay, I mostly lurked, but I was there!). 757 more words


Listen and Repeat. Listen and Repeat. Listen and...

Voscreen.com is a great website for practicing your listening comprehension with short clips from movies, tv series, documentaries, commercials etc. Check out the website (try it first…) and if you like it, make an account (FREE) in order to get access to more content. Remember, listen and ….


Improving your writing flow

Does your writing sound a bit robotic or choppy? Maybe you aren’t using any “transition words” to help direct your reader. “Transition words” are used to help your reader follow your thoughts in a clear, coherent way. 54 more words


Life in the fast lane

When speking about London, it’s hard to forget about the pace of the city.

Is it fast or slow? Do people love or hate it? 108 more words