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After listening to talk radio programs on my 45 minute drive to work where I then spent the day in entirely too many meetings, I can say with all confidence that the phrase “sort of” is the new “you know”.


The problem of Aunt Mildred - 1

As often happens, an innocuous word, phrase, punctuation mark etc triggers a question, which unexpectedly opens the way for a torrent of further questions and the ensuing dialogue results in “Ah!” moments all round. 493 more words


Power Pose (How to pretend to be a confident speaker)

I’ve had a bit of a holiday from writing blog posts, but I’ve still got lots of ideas to share and I’m aiming to post something every week for the rest of the summer. 278 more words


IELTS speaking and writing task 2 topics for July, 2014 (Greece)

Writing Task 2 topics

  • ‘Is ambition  a positive or a  negative characteristic ? What do you believe?’

  • ‘Technology has made our life complicated . A lot of people believe that our life would be easier without it.

  • 104 more words

Table Topics Family 13 #25-26


1. What do you say when someone gives you a gift you already have?

2. If you could speak another language, which one would you choose? 54 more words


Why everyone should study journalism to breathe

Everyone in the world needs to study journalism, if only for one lesson. This week at university I learnt how to breathe and speak, in an hour of my life I essentially learnt how to live. 317 more words


LIFE CHANGING Inspirational Video of the Motivational Speaker Les Brown

We all need a little inspiration from time to time.  Motivation is a lot like taking a shower.  They’re not required, but it’s a good idea to do them daily!   27 more words