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|Special effects - The beginning|

This was during my first Sfx class – Creating bruises. This was so, so simple to learn and create, and the finished look is so effective. 198 more words

Stairs to nowhere

This is a photo I took with the iPhone 6 while at work earlier this week.

A home used to be at the top of the small hill but it’s been gone for some time now.

Hope you enjoy!

Hampton Roads Cities

Spider-Man Future Foundation

why watch? Decent Special Effects. Also is Novel. To date there has been no other Future Foundation film. This is the first and only meeting of the Fantastic 4 and Spider-Man. 24 more words

Special Effects

Jurassic Park I, II & III Reviewed in 15 Minutes

I watched the trailer for the new Jurassic Park film recently and felt the need to relive the older films back-to-back on DVD. I normally write longer… 609 more words


2015 Fascinating Bubble Machine ------- Making snowflake shape bubbles

Snowflake shape bubbles, amazing ???

Yes, but far more than that, bubbles in any shapes, star, dove, apple, even your name !!! 75 more words

Special Effects

The Special Effects You Don't See

A fleet of space ships swoops into battle, a dragon flexes its wings, a superhero uses their incredible powers… in films and TV shows, these are the kind of scenes where you’re likely to comment on the amazing (or not so amazing) special effects. 521 more words

Fantasy Fiction

Outer Space Portrayed in the Movies.

Since the dawn of civilization humans have always had a fascination with space. From that point where we first looked up at the night sky and pondered the stars and the vastness of the night sky, through today where we still explore the heavens. 99 more words

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