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Moments I Treasure #1

I left my two boys snuggled together in Little K’s bed while I went into the kitchen. I could hear Little L getting cranky and he was starting to cry. 18 more words


This Moment as a Memory

What if today turned out to be your last day of life and you would eventually look back on it from the Other Side?  What would you notice? 355 more words


An Old Friend

Wow! The angels were definitely watching over me. I remember a family I was close to that lived right next door. Without getting into too much detail we had shared some crazy experiences. 239 more words

Precious moments...

Most of us long for life to find us as we drift along its roads, it doesn’t occur to us, as often as it should, that this is life, people spend theirs searching for the  290 more words



Yes, I know I just gave you a status yesterday, but I had a bit of time to myself last night when I didn’t just collapse and wanted to get this down before the details faded.    1,556 more words


They just sat there holding hands

The long summer holidays were coming to an end, it was getting ever closer to the children’s bedtimes and they were having a little time on technology while I tidied up. 662 more words

Lost then found...my daughter's toy cat

Today one of those dreaded moments of parenting occurred. We lost one of our daughter’s toys, the result of a casual drop out of the pram. 369 more words