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Broken Vision

One of my lenses popped out again. I must stop falling asleep with my glasses still on my face.

This happened last week, and I “fixed” it with scotch tape, until a friend fixed them for realsies this weekend using a glasses repair kit. 154 more words

Special Moments

Pregnancy special

Just looking at these photos, it reminds how wonderful and special these nine months of pregnancy have been and how beautiful my one and only woman is. 6 more words

Special Moments

In memory of....

Just two weeks before we planned go to Holland to share New Year’s eve with friends and family I received the sad news that grandpa Muller died at the age of 97. 224 more words

Special Moments

é arrival of junior...

b4 i forget everythg.. here’s how junior arrived!

4 dec 1pm – i finished my bi-weekly thingy n it was rainin badly.. i wanted 2quickly do up è usual thg n din head for lunch… at è same time i was feelin 酸 at lower back n a numbness feelin that spread from back 2front down é thighs… i called è clinic n ask since no pain or bleedin, when should i go see dr rol… é nurse ask é doc n told me 2mak a trip 2è clinic later in é noon 2see as é last patient.. 689 more words


"What's Your Story" Is Up and Running Again! - A Blog Challenge With a Human Touch

The “What’s Your Story?” Blog Challenge is running again, thanks to all of you and your support! Some educators have offered to add their stories. If you want to as well, post your story (professional, personal, anything you think represents you) and: 317 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone, But Not Forgotten

The Blue Baby – my first car in Germany was a second-hand, turquoise-blue Opel Astra hatchback. It was a 1993 model powered by a 1.2L engine (mind you, powered is probably not the right word). 609 more words