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My Kid Captures

Kisses.  Fall 2014.

Photography of my kids, trying to capture those innocent and genuine moments.  A beautiful album, made with love for their present & future selves. 7 more words


A New Addition

When the middle Muppet was four he wanted to ask Santa for a pet Parrot for Christmas. I explained to him that Santa didn’t like to deliver live animals because it was a lot work not to mention the red tape he would have to go through crossing in to other countries. 1,142 more words


When Education Comes From Enthusiasm - An Interview with Roseli Serra (@SerraRoseli)

I am absolutely delighted to have a new interview on my blog today – the first of the year, with a super enthusiastic, supportive and hard-working educator – and a very good friend: … 115 more words


A Single Thought Of You...

… made me fall in love. Again.

And as the memories flitted in and out of the shadows of my mind, in that moment in time… 90 more words


What's Your Story? Mona Arvinte Interacts from Iasi

Here is another story, number 55, all the way from Iasi, Romania and Mona Arvinte, an English language teacher who has written her beautiful story! Read on about how she found her way into teaching and interacting with other teachers.  715 more words


prettiest moments in life ☀️⛅️☁️

hey hi hello! – I love saying that, you should totally hear me right now 😂 welcome back! 👋

In the last weeks (even today!) there’ve been many beautiful sunsets here in Vienna and not just these. 256 more words


living our lifestyle again!

it’s lik a dream come true! post confinement, i m re-living my life our lifestyle again.. a new way.. yeah! with junior painting more colour on everythg…