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It Depends on What the Definition of Is Is . . . or Any Other Word, Really

Pebbles has a rather odd different way of interpreting the world. One of her diagnoses is Asperger’s Syndrome. At times it causes us to butt heads. 702 more words


"Peace I Leave with You"

Benjamin was still under anesthesia, meaning he couldn’t breathe on his own, so he was on a breathing tube all that night. ¬†While we were with him that evening, he started to sputter and turn red. ¬† 370 more words

Birth & Babies

The Altrustic Brother.

Most of my blogs have been deeply connected to my youngest son, Kian, who is one with special needs. Kian has a brother, he is four years old and he will tell you that he loves Kian soooooooo much. 425 more words

A little structural violence with children with physicially disabilities.

Kian has made astronomical improvements in his development. I want to say thank you to the amazing staff at his daycare. They love him to pieces and work with him very hard. 352 more words

Children With Special Needs

The Physician.

Kian has an amazing set of physicians that range from different specialists. They all have been great. The one that as impacted my family the most is our beloved geneticist. 293 more words

The Puzzling Paradox That is Pebbles

Our granddaughter Pebbles has been difficult almost since birth.

She is a screamer.

Those four words so inadequately describe what we have gone through and still deal with, although (thankfully) to a much lesser extent now than when she was younger. 1,740 more words


Where do I begin?

Often we special needs mothers are frazzled, overwhelmed, frustrated and over- extended to care for our children with special needs. You ask why? Well for one the appointments never stop. 926 more words