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The Look

Yesterday, something happened that I just can’t get out of my head.  It wasn’t earth shattering and overall, it was the most ordinary of days, but I’m still thinking about it today, so I feel the need to share it here on the Red Couch. 952 more words


I went to the gym and got covered in booboos

Yesterday, my kids snickered a little as I hobbled about going “Ow.  Ow.  Never get out of shape kids or else you’ll find yourself like me.  524 more words

Special Needs Child

Today Was a Fresh Start

Yesterday was a terrible first full day home. Shannie’s O2 kept dropping and her heart rate soaring. We nearly had to call 911, but after bipap-ing, suctioning and 4 liters of O2 her stats finally went up. 419 more words

Tuesday Thoughts

Everyone has gone back to school, spring holidays are over, and once again I find myself alone in my house talking to my dogs.

I’ve had moments this week where thoughts pop into my head.  723 more words


Bipolar Tuesday: Bipolar for Brothers

Author’s Note: The following piece is from February 2001.

I watched the bus doors swish open lazily and he stepped down.

He flashed me a quick smile and my heart sinks. 206 more words


The Week of Hand Me Downs And An Update

The women in my moms’ groups are generous with the hand me downs. Charlie has received many of them during this past week.

This is the stroller liner given to Charlie from Judy at… 267 more words


Home Sweet Complicated Overwhelming Exhausting Home

This is probably the worst way ever to start a post but I want to give you a heads up – I’m exhausted. If it doesn’t make sense, if my grammer or spelling are bad, forgive me. 700 more words