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School days

These first few weeks of school have been rough. Especially for M. Every day, he asks to stay home from school. He asks if he is all done and that he doesn’t like school anymore. 269 more words


Choir Buddies

(sorry I haven’t posted in a while)

Today in choir, I decided to stand next to a girl who was a little older than me after my seat next to a close friend was taking. 124 more words

Never Will Forget You - Tribute to Avonte Oqendo

Recently I had the immense privilege and honor to listen to the beautiful and heartbreaking song written in memory of Avonte Oqendo, by his uncle, Rocopera.  509 more words


The Last Morning in the Mountains


I didn’t sleep as well last night, but I never sleep well before I travel. All the logistics make me nervous. Getting to places on time without getting lost or loosing anything—these are not my strengths. 538 more words

Single Parenting

Joint ventures and classroom projects

Cutesy or clear? rows or seats in teacher prescribed groups? lecture format, flipped classrooms…either or/- or a little bit of “everything” to not merely allow for each “type” (are we still discussing “types”) but to put personality back into a teaching “formula” and to allow each instructor, parent, educator, to share key concepts, and to remember that be it in a one room school house ( these still do exist ) or a couple thousand strong – formal learning environment, we ARE after a similar set of goals- how to share a concept so that learners of all ages want to make it their “own”. 356 more words

Experiential Knowledge- Practical Experience

Not Ready For Monday

Monday is coming. I’ve long awaited this day. Whereas many parents are excited about a break from early mornings and afternoon pickups, I didn’t mind the routine. 1,016 more words