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'Tis But A Season

To everything there is a season. This season is interesting. Our home is full of special needs equipment. Things I never thought I’d have in my home. 235 more words


Love/hate holidays

Holidays scare me.
I love them too but Oh the stress they add.
I love the time spent with family, I love the joy in the kids faces. 464 more words

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Those with special needs should be treated the same as anyone and everyone else would

In order for equality to work, we must all realize that we are not equal. Yet, such a view is seemingly forgotten on those with special needs when it comes to the fact that society wishes to normalize them as best as they can instead of seeing them for who and what they are and realizing their limitations, both physically &/or mentally for that matter. 623 more words

Common Sense

Book Store Blues

DC has a favorite bookstore. I mean a very favorite bookstore! It is located in Salem, MA and everytime we visit there – which is quite often, that store must always be one of our first stops. 487 more words


ABC FARM Free App of the Day

One of my favorite Ipad apps creators, Peapod Labs,  have released a new App called ABC Farm.What makes Peapod Labs Apps so unique is that while your child is learning words, they are actually learning even more with explanations of the words, videos and interactive activities. 363 more words

Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper

This book is amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  Every teacher needs to read this.  Every student needs to read this.  Every parent needs to read this.  Honestly. 167 more words

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Under sunny skies, we arrived at the field for Landon’s first baseball game of the season. As we gathered, so did the clouds and within minutes the wind descended. 615 more words