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4 Days Until Beast on the Bay - Are You Ready To Beat the Beast?

There’s still time to register for both the Beast on the Bay and Adaptive Beast on the Bay!

Why is this obstacle course different from other obstacle courses? 340 more words

Special Needs

We all have needs and children require more needs than adults.  and they are all special.

If I look at this photo not knowing who drew it, I would say it’s very well down, much better drawn in comparison to me. 89 more words


The Peanut is coming home

It’s time to come clean. Get ready for a long read.

While people have called me brave and strong and a great mother to the Peanut, I have been keeping something quiet. 2,251 more words

Special Needs

Camp Check-In: Tears And Lots Of Questions

A clipboard-carrying heavyset woman is working the clusters of parents waiting at the camp’s check-in like a politician at a 4th of July picnic. As I sit in the midday sun watching her pat backs and throw bear hugs, I pray she doesn’t come my way. 406 more words

Single Mom

Full Communion

Last weekend (yes, I know I’m a week behind—cut me some slack, I’m a busy lady!), we were blessed enough to witness a sacred event. Andrew was finally able to receive his First Holy Communion. 602 more words



Normal vs ‘non-normal’

A ‘normal’ person goes to a grocery store and they walk down the aisle. They reach up, they squat down. They don’t need to ask for assistance. 1,035 more words

The Challenges

Giving isn't for recieving but naturally it's what you will get!

I volunteered with my small help in Ollantaytambo,  Peru in the heart of the Sacred Valley of the Incas for just under one month. I had entered into Bolivia around 4 months earlier and I had free time to start searching the internet for a program I hoped to work with. 2,182 more words