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Special Post Number 4: Today, April 20th, 2014: Easter

Today I woke up at 6:34 am.  I made my bed and went downstairs to the basement and played LEGOs, lightsabers, and many other things until 8:00. 164 more words

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Student Body Elections Interview

As the student body ought to know, Liberty’s elections for next year’s Student Body President and Vice President are this coming Wednesday, April the 9th. That being said, many students do NOT know that the election is coming up, and so therefore I thought it might be smart to give them some information pertaining to the candidates who are running, so they can be more aware and better prepared when Wednesday rolls around. 2,878 more words

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Special Post Number 3: April 1st, 2014: New month!

Today is April 1st, 2014. Yesterday it was warm enough for the entire family to go on walk. I have a LEGO calendar and I flipped to April, and it has a really cool picture!  167 more words

Today 2014

The Movie "Noah" - Sink or Float?

 Hello everyone, it’s been too long a time for me to be gone. I am back and now I am here  to talk about the latest biblical epic movie,  2,278 more words


Special Post Number 2: Today, March 29th, 2014, Dad's Birthday

Today we’re celebrating my Dad’s birthday. I made him a Doctor Who birthday card because he loves Doctor Who. I wonder if LEGO will ever make a Doctor Who LEGO set. 143 more words

Today 2014

I started writting a book few months ago; this week I’ve just finished putting together the last chapter of the book. For the next two months I’ll be editing it and putting everything together- making sure that this book is worth your time, attention and money. 658 more words

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I checked the website’s stats, and I think we may have bottomed out. This is bad in one way, because our views are at a low never seen since the start of this website. 720 more words

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