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The Dangers of Speculation "News"

On 23 August, 2013, a chemical gas attack – perhaps the deadliest chemical weapons attack since the Iran/Iraq war- killed as many as a few hundred civilians to well over a thousand (depending on which sources you read). 587 more words


Is the British relationship with the United States really so “special”?

In Britain today, we are constantly reminded of the special relationship that unites politicians in London and Washington. Yet, on wider consideration, it appears to be an exaggerated myth put together by British diplomats rather than a fully-fledged transatlantic alliance. 802 more words


Emmys: Best Writing - Comedy

Best Writing – Comedy

“So Did The Fat Lady” – Louie
“I Wasn’t Ready (Pilot)” – Orange is the New Black
“Optimal Tip-To-Tip Efficiency” – Silicon Valley… 56 more words


Britain is a Bridge

Britain and the US have a special relationship because Britain acts as a bridge across the Atlantic. Since Britain’s decline of power, they have maintained their influence by remaining close to Europe and the US, serving as a diplomatic link between the two. 704 more words


This Week's Top Picks in Imperial & Global History

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From selling cat meat in the British Empire to how the CIA was behind the publication of Dr. Zhivago… 779 more words

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The Special Relationship

Everyone has heard US Presidents and UK Prime Ministers talking about the ‘Special Relationship’ that exists between the two countries, but have you ever stopped to wonder who said it first? 1,802 more words

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