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Moon Monkeys

We’re sending land monkeys through space,

transforming them into space monkeys

searching for Mars monkeys.

We could pull it off:


Moon monkeys


(if they had proper space suits.) 52 more words

Skepticism and Science or Someone Please Tell Me I Didn’t See a Giant Ape

Skeptic: A person who tends to question or doubt an opinion; one who denies the possibility or does not believe certain ideas; one who purports to think in a more scientific manner than other persons whom the skeptic treats as simpleminded. 390 more words

Update Log - 9/1/14

These update logs are turning into a meta-narrative of sorts, chronicling my development as a writer in the same journal format I use for my fiction. 6,092 more words


Environment: How social media wiped out the passenger pigeon: An extinction story

In Brief: How the world’s (then) most influential communication technology development sent humans into the wild, and passenger pigeons into oblivion. A lesson to be learned in the secondary pitfalls of digital communication. 202 more words


The List for August

Plants first spotted blooming during the month of August.


  • mistflower
  • flowering spurge
  • thin-leaved sunflower
  • strawberry-tomato (really, that’s what it’s called) fruit only
  • southern agrimony…
  • 125 more words

Baby's got blue eyes..

I love the fact that I have blue eyes. I personally think they are very interesting eyes! (not that I am biased…) Depending on my mood or the colours I am wearing, they change. 541 more words