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Ancient skull shows modern humans colonized Eurasia 60-70,000 years ago

A skull provides direct anatomical evidence that fills a problematic time gap of modern human migration into Europe. It is also the first proof that anatomically modern humans existed at the same time as Neanderthals in the same geographical area. 791 more words


Did genetic links to modern maladies provide ancient benefits?

A study finds that humanity’s early ancestors had genetic variations associated with modern disease, and now the question is why

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Psoriasis, a chronic skin condition, can cause rashes that itch and sting. 889 more words


Ancient 'genomic parasites' spurred evolution of pregnancy in mammals

Large-scale genetic changes that marked the evolution of pregnancy in mammals have been identified by an international team of scientists. They found thousands of genes that evolved to be expressed in the uterus in early mammals. 885 more words


Government failing to adequately protect marine life, say wildlife experts

The Government has been accused of “dragging its feet” on protecting the seas, as it announced fewer than two dozen potential sites for new conservation areas. 591 more words


Watch Species (1995) Movie

Watch Species (1995) Movie

Run time: 108 min

Rating: 5.8

Genres: Action | Horror | Sci-Fi

Director: Roger Donaldson

Writers: Dennis Feldman

Stars: Natasha Henstridge, Michael Madsen, Ben Kingsley… 161 more words

"Relocation of animals could drive some species towards extinction – study"


Scientists have found the number of animals moved to make way for building projects far outnumber science-led relocations to recover populations

The relocation of animals to make way for land development rarely succeeds and could be driving some species towards extinction, according to a new study.

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Origin of the Human Species

Human beings did not—absolutely did not—evolve from any animal, fish, bird, or insect species. We as humans were distinct beings from the very beginning, the first moment of inception. 298 more words