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12 Things My Toddler and Dogs Have In Common

  1. They both are ready to play no matter what time it is
  2. They both pee outside……don’t judge me….my son only does it when I’m not looking…
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Augur are the moles of the desert.  Unlike most moles they are extremely tough-skinned and surpass even the Gugra in natural armor.  As pure reptiles they are also mostly exclusive to desert environments, wherein they reign supreme. 216 more words


Living Planet Report & you

The World Wildlife Fund released its Living Planet Report yesterday in conjunction with the London Zoological Society. The headline figures are very shocking with an average population decrease in mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and fish of 52% in the last 40 years. 601 more words


new york aquerium

The aquerium!!! Isnt it exiting to see different forms of life apart from ours (humans), like you get to see experience the abilites of the sea creatures.. 114 more words

On the verge of extinct, I am a rare species. In the years to come You will find me Only in myths and stories. I am essential for the world, 44 more words

Extinction events

There have been a number of mass extinction events on Earth since life began here. The most well-known ones are lumped under one title and referred to as “The Big Five”. 1,089 more words



Gugra, like Torusque, are a cross of mammal and reptile, but mostly retain the properties of the latter. Their only major mammalian traits are the fact that they give live birth rather than lay eggs and they are warm-blooded. 147 more words