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How names are attached to animals, the importance of the type.

I wanted to write about this one because there are a lot of misconceptions about how this is actually done. It is important to understand the process, by understanding a process we can understand why we would do something. 1,245 more words


Building Blocks: Cymean Species

Building Blocks has eight species other than human for players to choose from, in the Character Block section of the mechanics players get an overview of each along with the species attributes to create a character. 459 more words


How A Single Parasite Species Can Alter Every Single Life-Type About It

Parasites are nature’;s freeloaders, living off their hosts while giving nothing in return. But scientists have come to appreciate that even the greediest parasites can indirectly benefit other species by manipulating ecosystems—providing food, assisting predators and even building h… by… 7 more words

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10 Weird And Wonderful Species Of Correct Crabs

Chris Sergeant October 18, 2014
True crabs are crustaceans from the infraorder Brachyura, with over four,500 described species identified to science. They are widely recognized as obtaining brief, projecting tails and abdomens hidden underneath their thorax. 10 more words

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The country’s rich variety of mammals has been decimated in recent years, with the IUCN now listing 100 species as critically endangered.  Shockingly, 29 species have become extinct there over the past 200 years, giving it the unenviable notoriety of having the worst rate of mammal decline in the world.  349 more words

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