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Fly on Agelaius phoeniceus

Equus quagga as indiscriminate

For Kentrosaurus aethiopicus

Cygnus buccinator dust off hate


Blast thee, Atalanta, at Sus scrofa

Bloom, bloom, light of old elements at play… 61 more words


Bottlenose Dolphin Adopts a Baby Orphan of a Different Species

Dolphin watchers discovered a rare occurrence recently off the New Zealand coast: A bottlenose dolphin adopted an abandoned common dolphin pup.

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Why I love Gobble Dongers

Hi there,

My name is Sandra and I love Gobble Dongers. They are the most interesting animals ever!

For my school project, I have decided to create a blog that explains all about Gobble Dongers so that other children can learn about these animals. 249 more words

Nordens Ark in Sweden

If you like to visit Zoo’s then I can recommend Nordens Ark (The Nordic Ark) in Sweden. The zoo is located north of Gothenbourg, which is east of Sweden. 211 more words


Eating hogweed

Talk about giving a plant a bad name! The hogweed (Heracleum sphondylium) in my garden is neither a weed nor for the hogs: it is a valued vegetable. 1,152 more words


Hormone-mimicking chemicals cause inter-species mating

12 JUL 2012

BPA in rivers leads to breakdown of fish species barriers

Hormone-mimicking chemicals released into rivers have been found to impact the mating choices of fish, a new study has revealed. 410 more words

United States

America’s Tumbleweeds Are Actually Russian Invaders


Some say the tumbleweed’s takeover of the American West was the most aggressive weed invasion in our country’s history

By Rachel Nuwer
AUGUST 15, 2014… 150 more words