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The matchmaker

(There are two types of human named the matchmaker (though one is largely extinct.) , however the one I am to talk about is the one who tries to get people to fall in love… 253 more words


Is “De-Extinction” Crossing the Line? You Bet!

A segment about “De-Extinction” on PBS News Hour the other night left me shaking my head in disgust.  It seems that researchers, entrepreneurs and scientists are currently working to bring back extinct species and have already been working on this for some time.  810 more words

The Kinds of Beings We Are: Curing Deafness Edition

“We’re just trying to tweak the mammalian system a little bit to do what a lot of other species do naturally.” Those are the words of Lloyd Klickstein of Novartis, the Swiss drug company collaborating with scientists at the University of Kansas Medical Center who will soon begin injecting deaf study subjects with a “harmless virus containing a gene that should trigger the regrowth of the sensory receptors in the ear” and… 19 more words


When humid air rests on arms, bare for the first afternoon in half a year,

life begins to happen, and bored eyes begin to re-explore, 41 more words