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Pressure On For Arsenio

I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing and tonight was a so so night.


Arriving about 45 minutes late, I can tell the tensions and nerves are apparent tonight at the opportunity that every comedian is after; a chance to grace the Arsenio Hall Show stage.  578 more words


Random Tuesday At The Comedy Store

I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing!  A random Tuesday out in hollywood in hopes to find the funny on the scene. 706 more words


Being a Boston Marathon Spectator

On Monday, April 21 I plan on going to the Boston Marathon as a spectator.  There are three friends that I know who are running the race.   457 more words

The Slow Death of Free Speech

“Once you get a taste for shutting people up, it’s hard to stop. Why bother winning the debate when it’s easier to close it down?” 837 more words

Parents need to learn about competition

Everyone has a competitive side to them. I have one, you have one, schools have them. We all have a bit of competition in each of us. 469 more words


Just Good 2 B Outside

Yesterday, I spent three hours standing trackside awaiting my son’s 800 meter event. He is in middle school. Three hours. Standing. Nuts right?!

Three hours of zero productivity, other than a few emails and texts, I did absolutely nothing. 176 more words