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I have a mother, a sister, grandmother and aunts. I have female cousins by the dozen, all of whom raised me.

I am heteorsexual, human and alive. 195 more words


How can i iterate data through yml file until last data?

I need to iterate data through yml file until last data in the hash data.
For example: Below i have a yml file which has name, city & check. 146 more words

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I'm a Spectator...

“So hide your kids, hide your wife, cause they’re raping everybody up in here ).” –Antoine Dodson

During week three we discussed the different ways businesses can use social media to build relationships with customers, and went over the social technographics profile.   192 more words

Social Media

One November Sunday

Last Sunday, it was nice being in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.  Many times over the 40-plus years, I’ve gone there to train.  Whether it was a workout or a race, Golden Gate Park is a great haven to get away from the busy streets of the city.   399 more words

Neither the Tories nor Ukip deserve to win the Rochester by-election

This surprisingly sensible article by Alex Massie from of all places, The Spectator (mind you, worth looking at the comment section at the bottom on The Spectator site – this piece brings out their readership in an apoplectic Little Englander, ‘I’m not a racist but’, rage.) 338 more words


The Greens are spooking Labour and the Lib Dems

From Isabel Hardman at The Spectator (yes, I know The Spectator. It’s important to see the Left from other political viewpoints and not indulge in navel gazing) 514 more words

Green Party

Highly Critical Eye

“A writer is a spectator, looking at everything with a highly critical eye.”

— Bernard Malamud