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Sanyama: The Case of Adam Smith


Neither is it those circumstances only, which create pain or sorrow, that call forth our fellow-feeling. Whatever is the passion which arises from any object in the person principally concerned, an analogous emotion springs up, at the thought of his situation, in the breast of every attentive spectator. 3,842 more words


Groping Soars in the Labour Party

The coming election is throwing up strange behaviour within the political class. The strain of being in a political party staring oblivion in the face is beginning to tell. 199 more words


Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz?

Good God Almighty wouldn’t it be refreshing if an archbishop of Canterbury shouted that out in a sermon, instead of the po-faced marxoid garbage we normally get. 922 more words


Daria Gănescu despre Teatrul Spiritual

La 19 ani am intrat la Facultatea de Teatru. În acea toamnă mi-a picat în mână cartea “19 trandafiri” a lui Eliade.
Întâmplător? Bineînţeles că nu. 364 more words

On Being an Alien

Ever wonder why everyone around you seems content with everything in their lives while you are, for the most part, discontent and out of sorts? 304 more words

Can Anybody Hear Me


¿Porque los dueños de una empresa, ubicada en la entrada de Amatitlán, pintaron en la pared la frase “Sin envidias, alegrémonos del bien ajeno”?

Cada vez que paso por allí reflexiono sobre el grave daño que la envidia provoca en el interior de la persona y en la sociedad. 634 more words


"Mohammed — in pictures"

That is the title of this piece by Barnaby Rogerson in the Spectator. There are three beautiful pieces of medieval art (two Persian and one Turkish), and those alone are worth the price of the click. 223 more words