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Participating or Not Participating, That is the Question

Politics and participation, civic engagement. Hardest struggle of all for an individual. Hardest I mean, thing we mostly ignore during our daily life and shortly after regret ignoring it. 485 more words

A liberal education?

A piece for the Spectator about an incident at Dulwich College, where the school responded to homophobia by appeasing the student’s wealthy parents.


GIOVANNI BATTISTA MORONI │ Royal Academy of Arts, London → 25 January 2015

Isotta Brembati, c1555. Photograph: Lucretia Moroni Collection, Bergamo

Portrait of a Man with a Red Beard, c.1558-59

A Gentleman in Adoration before the Madonna, Italian, c1560. 442 more words


Relative Enjoyment

If I’m hungry, food tastes better. If I’m cold, sunshine feels like a warm embrace. If I’m bored, the mundane becomes interesting. If I’m lonely, a brief interaction feels like companionship. 271 more words


'Ambition' - a dirty word in Bristol?

A view on Bristol culture from The Spectator

When a man is tired of London, he just needs to relocate to Bristol — or so the stream of westbound émigrés would suggest. 414 more words

News & Views

Social networking propaganda and the fine art of feeding dilettante appetites.

A very smart lesson against the sheepish consumption of selective propaganda and the ignorant, intellectual poverty of miniscule, social media attention spanning dilettantism. ;-)