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The Handsome Compensation Scale, According to Me

Remember how I mentioned in another post that I’ve been busy this summer? Well I thought I would share a piece of evidence that illustrates just how much I’ve been juggling lately, and how little time I have leftover for noble pursuits like blogging and power washing the siding on the house. 343 more words

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Ways In Which I Either Failed or Excelled at Being a Mother Over the Summer, Depending Upon Whom You Ask

Sometimes I’m pretty certain that I’m not up to snuff with this parenting thing, yet I lack the intestinal fortitude to actually do something about it. 528 more words

Spectrum/Parenting Blogs

Autism: Progress and Betrayal

I know, I KNOW. Remember when she used to blog? When she had funny things to say?

How banal to say I’ve been busy. Which I have, don’t get me wrong. 1,735 more words

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