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Submitted My Novel...

“Bobby’s Dream” (337 pgs, 112,448 wds). It was rejected by several publishers a few years ago, but it’s worth a shot submitting it again, to Dzanc Books this time. Stay tuned!

Jesse Lynn Rucilez

Author spotlight -Justin Woolley

Today I have Justin Woolley here talking about post-apocalyptic fiction, which happens to be one of my favourite topics.

The Appeal of Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

Hi readers, and thanks for hosting me on your blog Donna. 659 more words


Update (Bad News)...

Well, unfortunately “Precious Time” didn’t place in the Writers Of The Future Short Story Contest. Bummer. But, again, thanks to everyone following my blog…

Jesse Lynn Rucilez

The Twilight Zone-Kind of a Stopwatch

This was a pretty cool episode. It dealt with the effects of power and time and how people think that the ultimate power will make things better…but sometimes it doesn’t it actually makes things worse.

Science Fiction

The Twilight Zone Nightmare at 20,000 feet.

This was the scene that was remade in the 1980′s version of the Twilight Zone, I’m pretty sure this is William Shatner as the main actor……..but I could be wrong and have been wrong before. 36 more words

Science Fiction

The Twilight Zone One More Pallbearer

This was a pretty good twilight zone episode about revenge and people and mindsets. Sometimes people are trapped in mental prisons of their own mind. So check this video out and enjoy, not gonna give away the movie….but its pretty good.

Science Fiction

The Twilight Zone - Season 1, Episode 2 - "One for the Angels"

This video was mesmerizing to say the least. The visuals were pretty consistent and amazing. Enjoy.