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Market Myth #2: It's all about beating the market.

For many amateur investors the object is to beat the market.  They are abetted in this belief by the many magazines and newsletters that make the market the benchmark of what a successful investor should emulate.   191 more words


Market myth #1: the stock market can make you rich.

This is one of a series of posts about common market myths that can be dangerous to your wealth.

The market is rarely the place where fortunes are made.  245 more words

Financial Planning

Teddy Dalrymple's financial affairs

Although he subscribes to investment — speculation — newsletters, which of course contradict themselves regularly, Teddy’s financial affairs have never really captured his imagination. 10 more words

Second-hand Bookshops

More Thoughts on Thought

Which is more amazing, the human brain or the modern computer? That is a discussion I heard in a waiting room (the source of many meaningful insights) recently. 469 more words


All Roads Lead To Anfield... Apparently

The transfer merry go round is well under way, and if reports are to be believed Liverpool may be on the journey all summer.

I am not one to delve into speculation usually, I think posts and articles with such imaginative titles as “5 Bundesliga Players Destined For Anfield” and “10 Wonderkids Rodgers Should Sign” are the footballing equivalent of gossip columns. 910 more words

Paddy Vipond

You’re Wrong

You may think you’re right, but you’re wrong about that too.

About what? you might ask: what am I wrong about? That’s a good question, but not important. 814 more words

The Questionable Mathematics of Bitcoin

In The Currency Paradox, I wrote about why Bitcoin is unsuitable as a currency. I included mercifully little math in my essay but, for the purposes of this post, I’m going to have to resort to a little basic math to make my point: 286 more words