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De-Manufacturing Consent- The Snowden-ISIS Hoax

We discuss the “Snowden-ISIS hoax,” the false “news” story that has been circulating through the internet over the past few weeks that claims former NSA contractor Edward Snowden released documents proving the CIA/MI6/Mossad are running the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ISIS and its leader Al-Badhdadi.We explain the origins of this story, why it’s completely bogus, and who may have been responsible for its propagation. 35 more words


Haiku--Who dat?

Five Olympic rings;
one for each continent there?
Someone is missing.


Banking Bubble

A huge bubble hovers in front of the new headquarters of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, July 27.


In no particular order…

  • Shut up and listen, ask plenty of questions.
  • Sit and just take a moment in sometimes, relax in to it, make it last and preserve it well in your memory.
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Glasses Horse Speaks: Changelings

   I was spending some time today thinking about the villains from the Season 2 finale (and from the awesome first arc of the comic series). These would be Queen Chrysalis and the changelings. 728 more words


SDCC: Word?!

A lot is happening this week. Archies prices dropping – seems like the After Life With Archie 36 Magazine issue was only profitable in presale. And now Sabrina is the new character? 115 more words

Article: Ukraine - MH17 like Shoot Down Predicted a Month Ago plus Russian Defense Chief in English | OpEdNews

A Ukrainian resistance member provided a chilling prediction of the recent shoot down of Malaysian Air MH17. A YouTube video posted on June 18, 2014 by Anti-Maidan tells the story. 73 more words