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The Twilight Zone: Shadow Play

This was a really great episode of the Twilight zone. In this episode of the twilight zone a man controls certain aspects of reality. It was really good. 29 more words

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BRITISH SCI-FI TUESDAY, Holiday Edition - December 16th.

As noted in yesterday’s EVENTS BUZZ MONDAY blog entry, our annual DOCTOR WHO celebration for 2014 was a highly enjoyable event. The trivia contest questions were “real stumpers”, according to the participants and the audience, but they rose to the challenges and had a lot of fun doing so. 131 more words

Doctor Who

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In 150 words, tell us how this:              became this:                   

Base your story on the premise: “this boundary we’ve created between humanity and our environment is artificial” by Bradley Cantrel

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Swords, Single Moms, and Ice Cream

Today’s story just did time in a place that no one knows the name of, save for a few people the President calls “sir”. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience. 532 more words

Jeffrey Ellis

The Twilight Zone: The queen of the nile

This was an outstanding episode of the twilight zone. The themes in this episode dealt with death and the afterlife and how we all deal with knowing that one day we are going to die. 76 more words

Science Fiction

SPECULATIVE FICTION TUESDAY, Holiday Edition - December 9th

The winter holidays are fast approaching, and Annie’s Book Stop of Worcester, located at 65 James Street in Worcester, Massachusetts, has lots of holiday gift suggestions spanning the outer reaches of Time and Space, and the inner realms of horror and mystery! 309 more words

Alfred Hitchcock: 4'0 clock

So this film made by Alfred Hitchcock was pretty good. I’m not telling you what happened again, because I want you to watch the film yourself and then say what you thought. 52 more words

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