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Roland Walks into a Bar - Part 1

Roland walked through the door, leaving the bustling street behind. He stopped just inside to let his eyes adjust and take in the surroundings. The common room wasn’t particularly crowded, not surprising considering it was midday and the festival going on through the rest of the city. 999 more words


The Chase is On

It’s getting cold.
The sun’s going down.
Why am I out here so early?
Stop complaining!
Quiet. You have work to do.

Brahm surveyed his surroundings. 1,464 more words


Final Battle - An Introduction

“Look at you. Pathetic. You cut your way in here without an endgame. Don’t you know? I am a god!”
The ground shaking, the room around them crumbling, chunks of the ceiling falling in. 503 more words


The Twilight Zone-Kind of a Stopwatch

This was a pretty cool episode. It dealt with the effects of power and time and how people think that the ultimate power will make things better…but sometimes it doesn’t it actually makes things worse.

Science Fiction

The Twilight Zone - Season 1, Episode 2 - "One for the Angels"

This was a good episode of the Twilight Zone. It was very interesting and a cool concept. I dont want to spoil the episode but he meets with fate. 15 more words

Rod Sterling