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The Twilight Zone: Long Distance Call

This was a pretty good episode of the twilight zone. In this episode the family has a death and someone in the family doesn’t want to leave this realm alone. 6 more words

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Secret Santa

Written for Flash! Friday vol. 3-2. The prompt is the photo shown, by Kevin Dooley.

Agent Freely brushed away glass fragments and retrieved the red menace. 146 more words



It was such a tiny thing, a speck of a thing, all alone in a soup of darkness. And it was hungry, so very hungry. All it had known in its short life had been this terrible, gnawing emptiness. 324 more words

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No Effort Friday: Meet the Cast Part II

Last week, I introduced you to Léonie Boutin, the eccentric Paris morgue attendant who plays the main part in my short story, “A Funny Thing Happened in the Morgue.” 115 more words

JH Mae

The Twilight Zone: Shadow Play

This was a really great episode of the Twilight zone. In this episode of the twilight zone a man controls certain aspects of reality. It was really good. 29 more words

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Writing Markets for Speculative Fiction Writers

The other day I asked some friends of mine on Facebook about the advantages of still writing for online magazines–specifically speculative fiction magazines. My question was less prompted by a search for bragging rights than it was about searching for ways to find more eyeballs on my work. 714 more words


My Recommendations for Future Gollancz SF Masterworks Selections

Thanks to Joachim at Science Fiction and Other Suspect Ruminations for asking me to participate in his Gollancz SF Masterworks recommendation efforts!

I’ve spent the past couple of years reading more vintage SF, with an especially concentrated effort since last December. 1,066 more words

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