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Apologies but neither Graham or I will be present on Wed 20th. I was rather excited about reading and reviewing George Bataille’s essay ‘The Cruel Practice of Art’  available here - 61 more words

Speculative Realism

Caputo Lectures on the "New Materialism"

Here are John D. Caputo’s two lectures from the Philadelphia Summer School in Continental Philosophy (thanks again for a great day Leon Niemoczynski!) on the “New Materialism”/”Speculative Realism” 11 more words


Anomaly 20/08/2014

Thinking of doing some Marquis De Sade or Georges Bataille on Wednesday 20th. Most see them as literary figures but they also represent a philosophy of life. 19 more words

Speculative Realism

Next week's Reading

Oops, seem to be some problems with that PDF. Will either sort it or proffer something different soon.


Speculative Realism

Toward an Alloyed Ontology: What It’s Like to Be a Human Among Things

Things and objects have recently been the content of a number of recent philosophical investigations. Eager theorists searching for new territory turn to an often-overlooked topic: objects. 967 more words