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David Roden's: Speculative Posthumanism & the Future of Humanity (Part 2)

In my last post on David Roden’s new book Posthuman Life: Philosophy at the Edge of the Human I introduced his basic notion of Speculative Posthumanism (SP) in which he claimed that for “SP … there could be posthumans. 1,794 more words


Nordic TAG session: Archaeology outside the correlationist circle

Considering that this is a “dormant” blog it has been quite active the past weeks. Anyway, here is a session proposal for next year’s Nordic TAG in Copenhagen. 253 more words

Archaeological Theory

Object Oriented Phiasco

The quickly burgeoning philosophy blogosphere has made it possible for philosophers to have more low-stakes discussions and debates not only about their work, but about the field.   2,182 more words

Digital Humanities

Interviews with Tristan Garcia and Tom Sparrow

Graham Harman has posted links on his blog to the interviews he had with Tristan Garcia and Tom Sparrow. The two interviews intent to promote the two new books that have appeared in the Speculative Realism series of Edinburgh press. 167 more words

Weaponising Speculation book

The book that documents the proceedings from the Weaponising Speculation conference, which was organised by the Dublin Unit for Speculative Thought (D.U.S.T) and took place in March 2013, has now been published. 490 more words

New publications from Urbanomic...

One from our Pete. :)

And Speculative Aesthetics, with contributions from Ray Brassier, Mark Fisher and Robin Mackay.

Book Release

Philosophy Forum 24/09/2014

Hello All Again

sorry, the original post should say that the reading is lectures 1 and 2 not just 1. Another way to say this would be just to say… 18 more words

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