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Used #neon scraps of paper to request #shapes and create #turtles #seahorses and #fish! 

Speech And Language Therapy

Never to early for #music & #movement – we loved our infant class @eswsmusictogether … 

Speech And Language Therapy

Coolest suction cup activity by #Squigz! We used it to produce words #pull #push #help and #gimme – tons more you can do…let your #creativity run wild! 

Speech And Language Therapy

#sprinkler fun in the #city today! Talk about #adjectives #wet vs. #dry, #summer clothing, and encourage your child to #interact with other #children on the #playground! 

Speech And Language Therapy

Home Health SLPs & .... Marijuana?

I just finished reading this interesting article from the ASHAsphere blog about the new laws in Colorado that legally allow the usage of marijuana. It points out, not only the implications it has for home health speech-language pathologists, but also the implications it has for children who ingest the drug (through prenatal usage or breastfeeding), including the potential for abnormal motor development and an increased risk of SIDS. 274 more words

A whole new layer of meaning

To hold a conversation is to interact with the person(s) you are conversing with.

It may seem that I’m stating the bleeding obvious, and I’m as surprised as anyone to realise that this is one of the key things I am learning during my volunteering. 182 more words

Speech And Language Therapy

My Thoughts on the Diagnosis of ADHD & Alternative Treatments

In this prescription-happy country that we live in, I’m always appalled at the amount of children I see on medication, especially for ADHD. It seems like a “quick fix” for both parents and teachers, especially for younger children of elementary age. 716 more words