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Explaining the Role of an SLP to Students

Last year during winter break, I found myself reflecting on the public’s general confusion about the SLP scope of practice and how that lack of clarity may be impacting my junior high students. 1,106 more words

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Week 3 - Baby Talk

It’s never too early to promote language in my book!  Research actually says the more you talk to your baby the higher their IQ will be. 800 more words

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Communications COACH

I’m wearing one of my new “COACH” shirts today to go along with my sports/coaching theme. I decided that my students will earn double points in our points system on days when I wear a coaching shirt or a shirt with our school’s mascot on it. 67 more words

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Summer Wrap-Up

The warnings about summer semester were all true – incredibly busy and incredibly fast. I can’t believe how much class and clinic was crammed into about 10 weeks. 261 more words

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Binder Clip Labels and Other School-based Life Hacks

I saw in an article called “37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks” and thought I’d try it out since I was tired of always trying to peel labels off of my cardboard mailbox each year and every time a student is added or removed from my caseload.   95 more words

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My "Communication Coach" Sports-Themed Office

Check out my sports-themed office. The idea behind it is that SLPs are communication COACHES. We can’t do the work for you, but we can show you how to get better results, teach you some strategies that others are using to gain an advantage, and motivate you to continue to improve. 1,016 more words

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Speech-Language Pathology Acronyms & Abbreviations

Speech-Language Pathology, like many professions in the realm of health and education, is filled with acronyms and abbreviations. Many of these are regional or specific to a specific niche within the field. 78 more words

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