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New-School-Year Stress Coping

Being new to the profession and being new to my school, I have been majorly stressing (unnecessarily) while at work. This week has been exhausting. And it’s only Wednesday. 543 more words

Grad School 2.0 - the Final Semester

In just two weeks, I’ll start my final semester in my Master of Science in Communication Disorders grad program. The program that, a little over two years ago, I quit my job at a Dallas law firm to pursue. 2,439 more words

Grad School

Work Appropriate Outfits for SLPs/Teachers

Maxi dresses/skirts are so comfortable for work. The only negative: they tend to roll up underneath my chair. :)

I want all of these outfits! 11 more words

Do You Know Your Value

I ran into my exercise class at exactly 10:00. In the barre world, being ‘on time’ means you are late. I picked up my weights and quickly found a spot in the back and began my one hour of exercise that I love so much. 675 more words

Women Encouraging Women

Foreign accent syndrome

Have you ever heard about people who suddenly start to speak with a different accent after a brain trauma or injury? It is known as Foreign Accent Syndrome and to read a short post about the history of this strange disorder click here.

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Encouraging children with Autism to use eye contact

Many of the children I see in my speech pathology practice have a diagnosis of Autism.  Given that speech pathologists work with communication, and not just speech (as they name incorrectly implies!!), a key element of communication is body language, and as many of you would be aware, eye contact is an important skill in communication. 160 more words

Grad School Applications: the Good, the Bad, and the Outrageously Ugly.

My little sister in my sorority from undergrad changed her major from vocal performance to speech pathology (I about jumped for joy I was so excited for her). 1,251 more words

Grad School