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My Thoughts on the Diagnosis of ADHD & Alternative Treatments

In this prescription-happy country that we live in, I’m always appalled at the amount of children I see on medication, especially for ADHD. It seems like a “quick fix” for both parents and teachers, especially for younger children of elementary age. 716 more words

Birthday Party - Social Skills

froyo anyone? It was one of our kid’s birthdays so to celebrate we got his absolute favorite treat – plain Bloomingdales frozen yogurt! He had a chance to practice his social skills – eye contact, saying hi, asking how are you, ordering, paying, and saying thank you.

Speech And Language Therapy

Using Starter Phrases

Had a session outside in Battery Park today to generalize skills! We were commenting with starter phrase “I see” + adjective + noun. Look I see a see a big boat!

Speech And Language Therapy

Using Weather - Speech Example

Rain rain go away come again some other day! :) Spent time commenting on the weather, bright lightning, and loud thunder today. We also listed appropriate clothing for rainy weather and practiced googling weather for the week with our teenagers!

Speech And Language Therapy

Auditory Sensitivity CD

This auditory sensitivity CD totally works! One of our kiddos has difficulty focusing in the presence of noise, so the OT on our team recommended sound-eaze from… 41 more words

Speech And Language Therapy

Swimming Action Words Exercise

SPLISH SPLASH! Perfect day for a dip and also a perfect time to work on action words jump, swim, splash, slide and concepts such as wet vs. 7 more words

Speech And Language Therapy

Pretend Play Exercise

Pretend play rocks! Engage in pretend play with your little ones early on. Today we worked on making the train go choo-choo, crashing them and saying uh-oh, and even picked up passengers on the way!

Speech And Language Therapy