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What's Rockin' My World: Close to Graduation edition

  • 24 days until graduation and then I can be like….
  • Job searching season. Which includes my favorite things….Interviews. Except at this point in my life, it just seems like a formality.
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Speech Pathology Brisbane: Why Early Intervention is Very Important

If you notice something different about the way your child communicates with people, it is advisable that you seek child speech pathology Brisbane immediately. Many parents often make the mistake of assuming that children will outgrow certain conditions, especially those concerning speech and language. 390 more words

Speech Pathology

Outcome Instruments in Videofluoroscopy from Dysphagia Research Society Conference 2013

This is an excellent presentation from the DRS conference in Seattle in 2013. It is lengthy but worth the time. Make sure to check out the Panel Discussion at the end for what I found to be some key points. 40 more words

Speech Pathology Brisbane: Helping Your Child Overcome Speech and Language Problems

If your child is having difficulties communicating or expressing himself, you might want to bring him to a speech pathology Brisbane practice. It is no secret that it can be devastating for a parent like you to discover that one of your children is having problems with developing an important life skill. 370 more words

Speech Pathology

Helping Kids Memorize Chunks of Information - Whisper To Your Toes

Command Chants are a fast way to memorize large chunks of information. As a teacher, I want my students to understand the information they are memorizing; however, sometimes students simply have to memorize lists. 694 more words

Knitting and cognition

Sometimes, reading the news can be wonderful.

Behold, the article: This is your brain on knitting (CNN).

In my graduate program, there are a lot of knitters. 131 more words

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