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Speech Therapist – framing the Speech to Speak with Ease

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech production is dependent on voice, phonation, resonance, fluency, intonation and pitch variation. Manipulation of sound as per language rules, understanding the meanings, syntax, sentence construction using grammar and syllables are also a part and parcel of proper speech generation. 575 more words


What Does a Parent Do When a Child Stutters or Stammers

A parent can become concerned when their young child has trouble getting their words out. This can be recognized as stuttering or stammering. Stuttered speech can include the repetition of words or parts of words, or, extending speech sounds. 618 more words

Speech Language Pathology

Dot Art

We love #dotart! We worked on #labeling colors, reviewing 4th (for July 4th as our example), #vocabulary, and producing action word “push” when making our flag.

Speech And Language Therapy

Doh-nut? Doh-nut?

The boy had “talking school” yesterday. Speech therapist comes over twice a month and hangs with husband and the boy for an hour working on the boy’s speech delay. 354 more words


Aphasia Awareness Month: Alternative and Augmentative Communication

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month! In support of this campaign, Speech Associates of NY has dedicated one blog each week in the month of June to issues in aphasia. 355 more words


"Eye contact-No Autism"...I don't think so...

The autism diagnosis was not easy to come by, it was as though physicians and therapists were afraid or intimidated by the possible reaction, to even verbalize the word…autism. 427 more words