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Parental tough love...

As a young child I was taken out of school once a week in the afternoon to go to the local Speech therapist for “treatment”.  Most of the ladies were Ok, one was just horrible and scary, staring and threatening to shout all the time.   970 more words


What’s your favorite #city? We #heart #nyc and look forward to visiting #Orlando for the #asha convention this fall – can’t wait to meet fellow #ashaigers :)

Speech And Language Therapy

Week 5 - Let's Get Moving

Your child may be months away from walking, but it’s never too early to start working on gross motor skills.  The key is to keep them staying active by showing them how they can move their body.   419 more words

Speech & Language Development

Tooling up for Therapy: Guns in the Clinic?

Following the recent incident in Ferguson, Missouri, where an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by a white police officer, issues about race and gun control have once again taken center stage in the minds – and hearts – of large sections of the American public. 1,421 more words


My Internship with Fundabiem

This summer, I am in Guatemala with a Social Work program from North Carolina State University. As part of our program requirements, each of us participates in an internship working with the population of our choice. 901 more words


Speech Therapist – framing the Speech to Speak with Ease

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech production is dependent on voice, phonation, resonance, fluency, intonation and pitch variation. Manipulation of sound as per language rules, understanding the meanings, syntax, sentence construction using grammar and syllables are also a part and parcel of proper speech generation. 575 more words


What Does a Parent Do When a Child Stutters or Stammers

A parent can become concerned when their young child has trouble getting their words out. This can be recognized as stuttering or stammering. Stuttered speech can include the repetition of words or parts of words, or, extending speech sounds. 618 more words

Speech Language Pathology