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A Speech Therapist Should Be Consulted If Tongue Thrust is a Concern

When a tongue thrust in a child is recognized by a Pediatrician, Orthodontist or Dentist,  a Speech Therapist should be included in the assessment and treatment. 382 more words

Speech Language Pathology

The Last Mile - Day 2

I’ve been thinking about my mom all day. Not mournfully, but instead placing myself back three years in time, and thinking about her incredible Eleanor-ness… 278 more words


Busy Busy

Life with Baz has been busy so yet again I am lacking in writing here.

I struggle to write a lot for Baz I guess as I don’t get to get to his therapy sessions. 114 more words


Say What?

As most of you know Mark has been through his fair share of doctor appointments. Well this moth we get to add another doctor to the list. 411 more words

Mark's Corner

Articulation Errors

Many parents find that their children are difficult to understand when speaking at times.  This short video talks about possible articulation errors.

Speech And Language Therapy

PROMPT is a method we use to treat articulation issues, apraxia of speech, etc.  Come take a look at this short explanation!

Speech And Language Therapy