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3 keys to brush your kids' teeth daily

I got the power!

This is the first thing that parents need to understand when they want to start brushing their kids’ teeth: When your kids close their mouth firmly, they show you that… 453 more words

Brush Teeth

The Biggest Influence on my Life

Summer going into senior year, I was hard at work on my college applications. Sure, my grades were good but they were not phenomenal. Sure, I had extra curriculars, but I did not have that many activities compared to other people in my grade. 886 more words

One of us must change his attitude

This is how it all started. More than 10 years ago. I found myself thinking of that. “We can not continue this way. Brushing my child’s teeth is too much important to give up. 263 more words

Brush Teeth

The beginning...

We knew Levi wasn’t exactly where “he should be” when we went for his 18 month checkup and he was only saying 4-5 words. Our pediatrician was optimistic and said, “Oh well, he’ll probably be closer to 2 when he starts talking.”  Well, 24 months came and went and, unfortunately, there had been little progress. 443 more words


Speech Pathologist

 Speech Pathologist

Duties and Responsibilities:

Speech pathologists, sometimes addressed as speech language pathologists, treat patients who suffer from speech-related disorders. These disorders can impair an individual’s ability to produce certain sounds, speak rhythmically, or speak fluently. 152 more words

Speech Pathologist

Speech Pathologists

Duties and Responsibilities:

Speech-language pathologists, also referred to as speech therapists, assess, diagnose, and assist individuals with communication complications and swallowing complications. These complications can be a result of a delayed development (fetus does not develop adequately), malformations such as a cleft palate, a stroke, brain trauma, or emotional issues. 173 more words

Miss M.

My almost 3 year old girl had an evaluation this morning to see if she still qualified for special services. She originally qualified when she was a little over 12 months. 949 more words