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Play milestones from birth to 5 are discussed in this video.  Skills such as symbolic play, functional play, parallel play, pretend play, etc. are discussed.  Perfect for early intervention providers or parents who are just curious about the development of play.

Speech And Language Therapy

Week 10 - Power of Smell!

When you incorporate all of your baby’s senses they get a fuller picture of the world around them. This week’s tips focus on the olfactory sense. 377 more words

Speech & Language Development

Our Diagnosis

An official diagnosis from a developmental pediatrician is still in the works. It’s a very long process.

What we have done so far to validate their diagnosis: 233 more words


Here is a short description of the Rossetti Infant Toddler Language Scale. This test is used by speech therapist for early intervention. It is broken into categories: interaction-attachment, pragmatics, gesture, play, language comprehension, and language expression.

Speech And Language Therapy

Hearing Loss Diagnoses - The First 6 Months...

On the 14th December 2011, my son had his hearing tested, a referral from his speech therapist. I remember the audiologist saying to me “he has… 1,468 more words


Parental tough love...

As a young child I was taken out of school once a week in the afternoon to go to the local Speech therapist for “treatment”.  Most of the ladies were Ok, one was just horrible and scary, staring and threatening to shout all the time.   970 more words


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Speech And Language Therapy