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6 Months 1 Week - Learning Through Novel Experiences

Since we get set in a day to day routine sometimes we forget to introduce novel experiences to our children. With these new experiences comes new language! 844 more words

Speech & Language Development

6 Months - Onto Crawling!

Around this time your baby is taking the gradual steps to get crawling! We got our hands on an awesome PowerPoint written by a physical therapist Julie Wattenberg. 549 more words

Speech & Language Development

What better way to encourage language from your children than using our Baby Actions book created by speech pathologists!  This book is perfect for ages 0 months and up… it’s never too early to expose them to language learning! 167 more words

Speech & Language Development

As children begin to learn language, many times they tend to overgeneralize a word. For example, they may start calling all transportation items “car”. This video tells you more about it!

Speech & Language Development

5 Months 3 Weeks – Object Permanence 

Object Permanence You may have heard of the term, but “object permanence” is just a fancy phrase for your baby is realizing that objects and people still exist even if he or she cannot see them. 478 more words

Speech & Language Development

Tube Weaning

Now for those of you that don’t know, Jacob has been exclusively tube fed for nearly his entire life. It was initially introduced when he was about 9 weeks old as his respiratory rate was so fast that he was at an extremely high risk of aspirating his milk when taking a bottle (milk going down the wrong pipe into his lungs!). 392 more words

Hurler Syndrome

Oscar is now ten weeks old and I can officially say I am now a fully fledged zombie ...

The last ten weeks have gone by in a blur of nappies, dirty washing and baby sick, I can no longer tell you what day it is, I think I would probably struggle with stating my name if put on the spot! 385 more words