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The Use of Speech Analytics

1to1 Media has just published a new infographic about the use of technology in analyzing speech in business settings. Check it out.


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ေမာင္ ဇာ နီ ရဲ့ သီ တ ဂူ ဆ ရာ ေတာ္ အား မ ထီ မဲ့ ျမင္ ေစာ္ ကား ေသာ စ ကား မ်ား ။

Pro-Islamic, Muslims apologist and anti-Myanmar Maung Zarni is insulting Sitagu Sayadaw because the venerable has said that most religions are based on Fear and people are manipulated by aggressive religions. 1,354 more words


10 basic pitch attributes VCs rarely mention

When I started building my first venture, I realized I don’t know how to pitch it and what story to wrap it in. I had considerable feedback from future users, but I wasn’t able to put it in one congruent short paragraph that showed our strengths. 284 more words


This "Let It Go" Best Man Speech Is Amazing!

A grown man (with a beard) singing his best man speech, to the tune of Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ … genius. According to Perez Hilton… 35 more words


“Human rights are being violated on every continent. More people are oppressed than free. How can one not be sensitive to their plight? Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere.

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Elie Wiesel

Sociology? Is That Even A Real Subject?

I smirk at my brother, ‘I’ll retire before you!’
Ha, not with sociology you won’t...’ she spat.

As I transferred universities, I had also transferred courses; from journalism to sociology. 494 more words