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Photo of the Week

As with the Quote of the week and indeed the post of the week- this photo is related to France. Now this isn’t a fully honest photo as it in fact says chantier rather than chanter so the public are forbidden on the site rather than being banned from singing…. 57 more words


6 Months 2 Weeks - Imitation of Motor Actions

Around this time your baby is going to start showing off some fancy skills such as imitation. It’s one of the cutest things to see, but also a huge step in terms of development. 605 more words

Speech & Language Development

How Stephen Hawking Got His Voice

We’ve all heard it–the robotic intonations of one of the world’s most brilliant astrophysicists, who lost his ability to speak due to complications from ALS. But how did Stephen Hawking get his voice? 251 more words


Silence III: Not speaking and speaking

Not speaking and speaking are both human ways of being in the world, and there are kinds and grades of each. There is the dumb silence of slumber or apathy; the sober silence that goes with a solemn animal face; the fertile silence of awareness, pasturing the soul, whence emerge new thoughts; the alive silence of alert perception, ready to say, “This… this…”; the musical silence that accompanies absorbed activity; the silence of listening to another speak, catching the drift and helping him be clear; the noisy silence of resentment and self-recrimination, loud and subvocal speech but sullen to say it; baffled silence; the silence of peaceful accord with other persons or communion with the cosmos.

Paul Goodman


DUH! Sarah Palin Doubles Down on Deranged Dialogue

Liberals and Conservatives agree on two things. First, we are all glad Bin Laden is dead. Second, Sarah Palin made a fool of herself in the Iowa speech. 816 more words

The destruction of dissent

We have been told by society that we are special for two generations now while being conditioned to think as a group.  Anyone that defies group thought becomes the victim of vicious ostracization.   446 more words

David Simon - Some People Are More Equal Than Others

Transcript of David Simon’s speech at the Festival of Dangerous Ideas at the Sydney Opera House in 2013.

Title: Some People Are More Equal Than Others… 3,328 more words

David Simon