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Monkey’s Christmas speech 2014

The webmaster team are please to announce the OFFICAL MONKEY CHRISTMAS SPEECH:

“Hello and merry Christmas everyone.

2014 was the year that WW3 almost broke out between the west and Russia. 157 more words


A Ray of Son

A video of Sonny talking and singing.

Happy Sunday!



Official Obama meter.....

Not sure of what you are being told when Obama makes a speech?  Attach to your Television and see instant results!!


Speech & Debate Team - Update!

Disclaimer: I’m writing this post while jet-lagged and delirious at the airport in Abu Dahbi, so please excuse any errors. Excited to meet Andrew and Kelly in India for Christmas though–I’ll post pictures after! 1,645 more words

Gemstone Speech (This is kind of long)

Crystals Gemstones & Minerals: The Educational Speech Written by: Scarlet Dream Clayton

Crystals, minerals and gemstones. These words have all have separate definitions but are linked to certain ideas. 1,130 more words


Whirlwind of activities

In just the past week…

I have become a Mrs. Yays!

I have shifted to a new home/room. Not ideal, but contentment and joy of having at least a roof over my head fills my heart. 112 more words