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Our Fastest and Our Furthest

The fastest object ever made by man was the Helios 2, a spacecraft that orbited the sun with an estimated velocity of 246 080 km per hour or 68km per second at perihelion. 289 more words


Fittest Man Alive: Cristiano Ronaldo (?)| As A Fiddle

Cristiano Ronaldo is the world’s best athlete. He may even be the world’s fittest man. But is he satisfied? Not even close. What does he have and why is he the way he is? 198 more words


Inside Chipotle's quest to be the fastest fast-casual restaurant

One of Chipotle’s biggest obsessions, along with the way it sources food and manages its employees, is constantly increasing throughput, the rate at which it serves customers at peak hours. 411 more words

Cars to broadcast speed & location data?

The United States Department of Transportation is taking the next step towards creating a “vehicle-to-vehicle” communications system that will allow light autos on the road to receive and broadcast critical information to one another. 690 more words


Succès pour le 24h Roller Montréal, Another Successful Year for the 24h Roller Montreal

Le 24h Roller Montréal s’est déroulé en fin de semaine au Circuit Gilles Villeneuve à Montréal. Des centaines de patineurs ont participé a cet évènement annuel. 182 more words


General Electric: Becoming Quicker and More Agile

When annual sales approach $150 billion, it becomes harder to be agile and flexible in anticipating and responding to the evolving marketplace. This is something that even star companies such as… 140 more words


Exercise of the Day! Reverse Lunge Knee Up!

This is a great exercise to help work on your speed and strength.  Begin by standing on one foot, then step the opposite foot backwards into a reverse lunge. 34 more words