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How to Buy Saline in Seoul And Other Reflections After Two Years on the Road

I write this on the 2nd anniversary of our departure from Oregon. This post is for our friends Linda W and Randy S, who encouraged us to write about the differences in life beyond the experiences we would have called “normal” two years ago; this anniversary is a good time, then, to think back on some of the adjustments we’ve learned to make in foreign countries.

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Speed Cam Issued Thousands Of Bad Tickets on LI | Amnesty On The LIE

I know a particular someone who might find this particularly interesting, but I’ll leave their identity out of the story. Nassau County of New York is forgiving thousands of speeding tickets issued this summer from malfunctioning speed cameras, totaling about $2.4 million in fines. 99 more words


Man's License Suspended Over A Ticket From 1981 After DMV Fixes Its Typo

What’s the last thing you remember about that time you didn’t get a notice that your license was suspended? That’s right, you wouldn’t remember it if it never happened to you. 374 more words

Oh, Bummer~

So my Sweet Mama took an awful tumble yesterday morning. It was face first, down the two steps into the garage, right on her face, onto the cement.   1,114 more words

Mobile photo radar snapping more tickets than ever

WINNIPEG – It’s becoming clear just how much better the city’s photo radar trucks have become at catching speeders.

Figures obtained by Global News Friday show the mobile units are on track to hand out twice as many tickets as they did just two years ago, thanks to newer technology introduced last year. 277 more words


$1M in photo radar fines in Winnipeg refunded due to error

Great news!

Call it a million-dollar mistake.

Winnipeg police are refunding more than 2,500 photo radar tickets issued between June 27 and July 1 because of an error on the tickets.

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Winnipeg police promise refunds on 2,574 speeding tickets

WINNIPEG – Some drivers may be forgiven for feeling like it’s Christmas in July after police decided to refund fines paid on 2,574 speeding tickets. 161 more words