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Calling 9-1-1 To Report A Fake Murder Won't Get You Out Of A Speeding Ticket

Getting pulled over for speeding is no fun, of course — but when those sirens come on, most responsible drivers accept that they’ll just have to face the music and take a ticket. 306 more words

Negative breeds negative

I have a saying. “Negative breeds negative: positive breeds positive.” I say it to my kids all the time, when they’re misbehaving, making bad decisions, or experiencing one of those Contrary Mary days.  662 more words


Go High Tech To Fight Speeding Tickets

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Nothing can put a kink in a driver’s day more than getting a traffic ticket.

From a speeding ticket to red light running or even a parking violation, we’ve all probably gotten one or two from time to time and then went through the hassle of paying them or the even bigger hassle of fighting them. 566 more words


It's True, you really do Catch More Flies with Honey - Getting my Louisiana Drivers License

As I am writing this story, I am down in Phoenix, only 3 days after my retirement from P&G (read me).  Kim and I are trying to ensure at least one of us is visiting monthly to maintain the house before we one day move here on a more permanent basis.  2,130 more words

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Do I need a Missouri Traffic Lawyer for my Speeding Ticket?

Citations for speeding are routine traffic matters that occur numerous times a day around the St. Louis area. Most drivers will receive a ticket for speeding at some point in their driving career. 13 more words


4 Ways to Avoid a Speeding Ticket

According to the National Motorists Association, more than 41 million drivers throughout the United States are ticketed each year for speed related incidents alone. 711 more words

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Speeding ticket fines could double in school zones

Speedy drivers could see fines double in Ottawa school zones.

Coun. Allan Hubley is requesting that the Highway Traffic Act be amended to include the doubling of fines in school areas. 68 more words