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I have long despised what I see as the rise of “list journalism”. It seems that nearly every news story now is broken down into bullet points. 1,076 more words

Who Me, Officer?

As I was driving home from Mom’s a few days ago, I rounded a curve and saw that some poor schmuck had been pulled over by a cop. 639 more words


Analysis finds the 'true cost' of a speeding ticket in Minnesota

A new analysis by a finance website shows us two things when it comes to speeding tickets: One, the cost is likely much more than you realize; and two, where you get the ticket will impact how much you ultimately end up paying. 527 more words


How to Buy Saline in Seoul And Other Reflections After Two Years on the Road

I write this on the 2nd anniversary of our departure from Oregon. This post is for our friends Linda W and Randy S, who encouraged us to write about the differences in life beyond the experiences we would have called “normal” two years ago; this anniversary is a good time, then, to think back on some of the adjustments we’ve learned to make in foreign countries.

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