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Crime isn't paying enough in Utah, so that may mean budget cuts

SALT LAKE CITY — An unintended consequence in the drop in Utah’s crime rate could mean budget cuts for agencies that help crime victims, addicts and children in the court system. 342 more words


Speeding tickets....

I have been driving for half of my life now and up until the last two months I have only gotten one speeding ticket. That is not to say that I have only exceeded the speed limit once in my life, just that I have only been caught once. 338 more words

Staunton Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Staunton Speeding Ticket Lawyer: Staunton has two general district courts.  One is the Staunton General District Court; the second is the Augusta County General District Court.  434 more words

Staunton Speeding Ticket Lawyer

A Guide to Fighting a Traffic Ticket in New York

By: Matthew J. Weiss

Takeaway: If you get a traffic ticket in New York, you should fight it. Here’s how.

Source: Lee Snider/Dreamstime.com

If you get a New York traffic or speeding ticket, you should fight it. 1,151 more words


Frank Ocean Wants To Change His Name But There’s A Problem

Holy Speeding Ticket.

By: Nadeska Alexis

If you’ve made the decision to legally change your birth name, then you’ve probably put a lot of thought into it. 168 more words


Speedwatch SLC maps traffic enforcement to prevent speeding

SALT LAKE CIT Y — It’s called Speedwatch SLC — cops making the roads safer. We’re talking about streets in Salt Lake City with a reputation for luring the lead footed. 985 more words



I have long despised what I see as the rise of “list journalism”. It seems that nearly every news story now is broken down into bullet points. 1,076 more words