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Plein Air - Seaside Chapel

I’m back in Portugal, and today I brought my laptop out on the balcony and painted the view from there. Took me roughly an hour.



I threw this together in about 45 minutes… it was just a stress reliever to clear my mind before heading to bed.


Sketchdump #229: Color and Light

I started doing studies with James Gurney’s book “Color and Light” (which I highly recommend!). Taking notes on every chapter and doing master/photo/life studies and/or application sketches as I find useful. 132 more words


Clouds and Ice

My brain doesn’t like to function after I get off of work. So today, instead of putting my head down on my desk and blanking out, I painted this to give it a rest (also ice practice!). 32 more words


Dota 2 Viper speedpaint

I am not sure who designed viper but why on earth are his wings backwards? Despite this its still a good design and definitely is an eye catcher. 64 more words


So today was interesting :P When I started this speedpaint, I went into it thinking I was going to paint a gypsy.¬† Then a genie sounded good… Somewhere between the gypsy and genie idea came the mind set that I was actually going to finish the painting strong by turning her into a fairy…. 43 more words


Speed Painting

Here is some of the artwork I’ve done most recently. ¬†With a new year, so is some new software and experimentation. Watermark free versions will be available for purchase.