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Sketchdump #255 - Environment Thumbnails

Some environment thumbs … kind of trying to get my imagination going by concentrating on quantity over quality. So they are very rough.


Day 208 - Cosmic dive

Avery quick one for a speed paint theme ” Cosmic dive” 

The Artist Workout Jar, Ticket #7

Yeeey, more speedpaint. I made this one in a bit under 2 hours, since there was quite a bit of perspective there. I used reference from… 41 more words

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The Artist Workout, Ticket #6

Speedpaint time, once again. A bit shy, but I am starting to include some personal elements. Kind of influenced by reading about broken color.

Little white forest monsters

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pencil speedpaint - 20 minutes each

big boss & sherlock. not so good with faces, got to improve that


The Artist Workout Jar, Ticket #4

Today’s ticket was “Speedpaint”. The goal is to do around 30 of these with photo reference in the near future, then start riding without the safety wheels and go all crazy creative in 30 mins. 19 more words

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