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Test Post

Test Post. This may be what I want to do for Halloween this year.

Playboy bunnyhowcutenot

“What a scary face!”œ

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The ‘little’ things…

One of the disadvantages of a module encompassing page layout and sub-editing, especially for students who haven’t worked as sub-editors before, is that the science and skill involved in page layout somewhat overshadows the sub-editing element. 700 more words


For the Record: I Do Not Hate Monkeys

Darling Daughter is in Thailand, where apparently it rains monkeys every day… and here’s this morning’s text fail:

I should really stop messaging with my glasses off… sheesh.
Mother Hen


Blondes don't have more fun

I am currently a blonde. And it turns out that gentleman don’t really prefer them, nor do blondes actually have more fun. I’ll tell you what blondes do have: high hairdressing bills. 232 more words


It’s National Dictionary Day!

Dictionaries are one of the best writing tools a person could possibly own. Accessing definitions, correct spellings or proper word usage in a dictionary is as easy as putting on a pair of flip-flops. 99 more words


Monday, 13th October 2014

I sometimes wonder whether I should upgrade this laptop of mine. Amongst other things it would allow me to type this journal on a newer version of Word. 31 more words


Me snobby? (Janey says, red-faced from omitting the title)

Today’s Daily Prompt asked us what we were snobby about.  After thinking a bit I realized there are two things that push my snooty button faster than anything. 553 more words

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