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My first freelance job

I haven’t be able to spend much time in the Blogosphere lately because I’m working on my first freelance job. I’m copy editing a book that was written by an ESL author. 192 more words


Spell Check is not helpful all the time

This ideas come from getting a comment of someone who recommendations more spell check on my things, and also re-correct me one of my sentences in the story I post on the internet. 170 more words

Grammar & Spelling

'Word Crimes' really do Exist

Some people may not appreciate it, but I do make an effort to ensure that my blog posts are not only readable, but also grammatically correct (mostly). 21 more words

Rishonda Anthony

A Hidden Treasure

The saying goes that the pen is mightier than the sword. Of course that refers to written expression and exchanges of ideas being much more powerful in narrowing the divides between us than armed conflict. 546 more words

A quick challenge

Here is another challenge for everyone. Type the other word for beat into a browser or word program.  The one that starts with an R. Think drumming as in keep the R___ going. 59 more words

Spelling counts

No, it’s not some new hybridization of spelling and mathematics in the latest educational fad.

Despite that, spelling can count and is more likely to count against the independent or self-published authors we see prolifically producing non-fiction digital books in the explosion of titles we see, especially on Amazon. 1,310 more words

Just Gia