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A New Year’s resolution that will make a difference

Four easy ways to improve your writing and reap the benefits

It’s that time of year again – wrapping up 2014 and planning 2015. We’re thinking about priorities and coming up with new paths to the land of success, whether that’s a place with more clients, new customers or stronger relationships. 533 more words


The Learning Curve

Hey there, blog fans!

I’ve had this little blog for around 18-months now. I don’t have the most followers or the most daily views and that’s ok. 531 more words


Don't Make These 5 Proofreading Mistakes if You Want to Appear Credible

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Oops! Not only are spelling and grammar errors embarrassing, they reflect on you personally and professionally.  A single spelling or grammar error can damage your credibility; a string of errors can destroy it. 306 more words


Spell check and word usage

If you are writing you should be clear and check what you write. There is one blog I see that continuously misspells words and uses them inappropriately. 88 more words

Galesmind Fables

Girls know best...

Just spell checking Eebowai’s latest post.



What my essays really look like...

This is a real essay, I handed in for a grade this year -- after I fixed it... (the citing is also wrong)

Shortly after Elizabeth reads letters sent to her from Jane, Mr. 1,205 more words


English Friday: Spell Check

Hello, my dear grammar enthusiasts. I took last Friday off for the Thanksgiving holiday – I hope you did, too! However, I am back with a meme which I hope you find as funny as I did – mostly because of the irony of the error that could have been avoided if they had actually used their beloved spell check. Happy Friday! :)

English Friday