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Poor spelling is the most obvious sign of dyslexia

I get the most heartbreaking emails from adults who are still ashamed of their spelling.

Here is what one had to do to pass her weekly spelling test: 757 more words


Souped up

I was reading an article somewhere online when I came across the phrase “the car was suped up.”

What it actually should have said is “the car is… 39 more words

Spell Check

Spelling bea

Your mind forgets what it learned in grade school
W-E-D-N-E-S-D-A-Y, there is a song, a little jingle for you
To remember how to spell this word, for years to come… 153 more words


JQuery: Get Rid off SharePoint Spell Check

Hi Guys,

After spending 3-4 hours of struggle, I finally found way to get rid off irritating SharePoint Spell checker. It caught people picker too under the umbrella of spell check, but why, usually it does not required. 118 more words


Prom Dresses: An Extended Metaphor

By: Elaine Carey @snakesona_laine

First and foremost, a dress (cover letter) is a formal article of clothing (document) that serves as an important introduction between you and your prospective boyfriend (employer). 336 more words

Personal Branding

Attention Foreign Traders!

For Foreign traders selling in the UK/US market the language barrier is incredibly difficult. Google & Bing translators are great for simple interactions but how good is it for advertisement and product descriptions? 104 more words


illiterate humor

Dusking noon I may not sea a morning soon
Although I feel and think so sepreatly
What is truth and is that which not be laid… 239 more words