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Saturday, 24th January 2015

When I write an email and Firefox’s American dictionary underlines with red words like favour, artefact and jewellery, it sometimes makes me doubt myself, and I feel like Chris Finch doing a quiz with David Brent: ‘You’re fucking putting this thing in my mind… this poison.’



Whenever I type the word ‘prepone’ on a word editor, it is underlined in red, but when I type ‘postpone’, no problem! 118 more words

Making Your Blog an Empire: Part One

I want you to think of this when you are preparing to write a post and you feel like your blog is lackluster, “If Perez Hilton can make millions of dollars talking straight s**t about celebrities, then anything is possible.” Now I know Blush and Brownies isn’t where I want it to be now and that’s my fault because, I just wanted to have fun , but when I found out that I could help people, I got excited. 325 more words


Words WORD can't handle

If tutoring kids at Twain Elementary has taught us anything it’s that reading and the English language is anything but intuitive. As college students fluent in English, it’s easy to forget how hard the literal process of reading (and reading aloud) can be. 265 more words


To Spell or Not to Spell

Is it Spell Check or spell check? Or perhaps it’s Spell check. Or Spellcheck. Or SpellCheck or spell-check. Seems the spellcheckers themselves can’t even agree. Which brings up the question…How do we trust web sites or applications that can’t standardize the process they perform? 227 more words

Random Meditations

To fix or not to fix?

Alas. My book is well into its 5th month of being offered on Amazon and just now I’ve made a mind-numbing discovery. Or rather my son did. 262 more words


Why you should check spell check

Do you check spell check, your computer’s application for flagging words in your documents that may be spelled incorrectly? I do. While spell check is an effective way to give your writing a first scrub, it will never replace proofreading. 524 more words

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