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10 Things to Put on Your Website Checklist

Short, tall, big, small, your business needs some kind of website to survive in this day and age. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy, but it does need to exist to make sure people can find you and confirm you are who you say you are. 533 more words

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Laughing Meditation

Hey guys,

Sometimes the best meditation is laughter.

Wishing you a joyful Friday! (Thanks, Kate! lol)

Get a little rowdy with it.

Rock the peace ;)



Sniglet of the day: kjfs

kjfs (ka’jufs) -n. Word with a dotted red line under it, temporarily used in emails to ensure the last word you typed underwent spell checking. 13 more words


Why Does Anyone Need an Editor Anymore?

Why use a professional editor when there are electronic editing tools that highlight spelling and grammar errors? Besides the obvious answer that electronic editing tools do not catch all the errors in any document, an editor brings precision to content. 248 more words

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How to Disable Spell Check in Microsoft Word

In Word you can Disable Spell Checking in Microsoft Word for students who need to write for MCAS. You can quickly disable it before a test to make sure that it will not correct spelling and capitalize words, as MCAS requires. 28 more words


The Importance of Using Spellcheck

Teh night was going to be a long one. The heavvy silence weighed on her asd she she stared up at the inky sky, searching for answers.

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An Online God That Can’t Spell!? [EXCLUSIVE AUDIO]

Marcus D. Wiley came across another Online God, only to find out she couldn’t spell! Listen to the audio player to hear the jacked up inspirational word this Online God posted on Facebook that no one can understand! 103 more words

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