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The Principles

The mist solidifies into the large form of a vampire ogre. He’s very pale, which is emphasized by his black cloak. Like the ogre mage, he has two horns. 665 more words


Dark Souls and Why I Don't think Magic is Overpowered

By Alexander Leach

I just got done playing Dark Souls 2 for review on CGMagazine. Should be in the print publication, as well as on their website. 783 more words


RPG Design - Magic Item Monday: Gimlet of Irresistible Mental Penetration

Gimlet of Irresistible Mental Penetration

Aura Strong Abjuration; CL 17

Slot - ; Price 40,000 gp Weight 1 lb

 This gimlet is made of iron and gold, fashioned with a snakelike visage. 164 more words


To Know; To Will; To Dare; To Keep Silent

Magick is the art of transformation, of taking circumstances as they are and — through focused Will and Intention — altering a pattern, shifting energy and generating change, specifically, the change you desire. 1,183 more words