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Guys, seriously don’t read this. It’s a complete waste of your time and there are so many spelling errors.

That son of a bitch…

I’ve always been second. 724 more words

Bad Words (2013)

This movie certainly had them. Bad words was directed by Jason Bateman ands stars him as well. I love the idea of a grown man taking on children in a spelling bee. 80 more words


DAWN National Spelling Bee Championship!

The National Championship of the Sixth DAWN in Education Spelling Bee 2010, in partnership with the US Embassy, Pakistan, was held at the Islamabad Club Auditorium, Islamabad on October 28, 2010. 490 more words


Spelling Bee App Game Review - by TicTapTech

“Mom! How do you spell the word fire?”

“Mom! Is water spelled ‘wator’?”

“Mom! Can you spell jump for me?”

Spelling. Ugh. The bane of my existence, especially with Mister Man. 283 more words


little spelling bees

Both Sam and Kathe participated in the Vida Schools spelling bee this year… As a terrible speller myself I had mixed emotions about this! Haha! Although it’s important to be able to spell things correctly, in this day and age spell check pretty much takes care of it for you. 43 more words

Life In Guatemala

Bad Words

Move in, everybody. We got a first timer here.

First time directors are a mixed bag. I covered a few last year from the likes of Lake Bell, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, among numerous unknowns like Ryan Coogler and Maggie Carey, and they’ve ranged from brilliant to exceedingly mediocre. 390 more words

Solitary Nerd