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15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly

Thank you to Brian Clark and the gang over at CopyBlogger for this awesome Infographic, and the permission to share it around.

Like this infographic? Get more… 34 more words

Social Media

Joke #009

What exam do witches have to pass?

A spell-ing test!


Writing Wednesday - Doubletake

Last Week’s WW: You’ve Gotta Read

Most of the things that find their way onto this blog are in first draft status.  In fact, a lot of them are typed directly into wordpress text box, not copied and pasted from somewhere else.   674 more words


A (very brief) thought on Technical Writing (and Teaching it)

So over the last five years as an English teacher, I’ve had the opportunity to teach some “Academic Reading and Writing Across the Disciplines” at the university level. 2,652 more words

You Didn't Seen Nothing.

Does that even make sense? No it doesn’t. So why do you insist on saying it? Why do people feel it be unnecessary to use proper grammar? 333 more words

Words Please

It seems in this era of social media, complete with tweets, status updates, and hashtags, emphasis on spelling and grammar is sorely lacking. The English language is being dumbed down so significantly that I fear children won’t know the difference between to, too and two before TOO long. 154 more words