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Colorful Home That Spells Nothing But Fun

Aug 27, 2014 Posted in Interior by Vivienne Girardeau 53/100 ~ 153 users
Elegant Straightforward Built In White Desk With Cute Metal Bowl Desk Lamp Facing Nice Views By way of Massive Glass Window… 19 more words

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Witchery: Different Ways for Demarking a Sacred Space

Casting a circle to demark a sacred space is all about the environment, time, people involved, and magickal workings afoot, in my opinion. Some witches will tell you it has to be marked in a certain material or the circle will fail. 586 more words


Life Changing Spells +91-96723-80666

An entire Universe of troubles will does one no hurt once true love has acquire your Life Changing Spells. To the dubious, this looks overly simplistic however to people who have experienced it initial hand; they understand in their heart and mind that nothing else matters however, Life Changing Spells. 515 more words

Dua For Succes

Colorful Residence That Spells Absolutely Nothing But Exciting

Aug 27, 2014 Posted in Interior by Fleur Chauvette 53/100 ~ 153 users
Dazzling Red Chair Next To Contemporary White Kitchen With Elegant Kitchen Island With Bar Stools… 25 more words

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Witchery: Is Casting a Circle Necessary?

Another “hot button” issue, along with the ethics of whether or not to charge for magickal knowledge, talents and spells, the ethics of using blood magick… 588 more words



1st-level evocation
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: 60 feet
Components: V
Duration: 1 round

You speak a one-word command to a creature you can see within range. 1,300 more words

1st Level

The Witch's Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

All questions are posted as received, no editing (except to delete identities), as all questions are posted anonymously.  You can contact me through the submission form in the side-bar on the home page at my website… 468 more words