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All Wiccans Are Witches. Period.

Every day online, people are being bombarded with misinformation. From the Westboro Baptist Church to Fox News to ex-gay reparative therapy success stories like Michelle Bachman’s husband, the world is full of people who will lie to you because they desperately want to believe in the bullshit they’re spouting. 1,851 more words


Winter Solstice!

The Wheel of the Year has turned once again, and we’re going to climb back towards the light! I know I’ve said it before, but I will keep on repeating it – the Winter Solstice is a time of darkness passing, of the tide turning. 360 more words


Lets Get Crafty........ Yule Spellboxes

This is for those of you who are searching for inexpensive
and meaningful Yule ideas.Right now you probably have the makings
of this one within your reach.With a little practice these are both easy and fun. 559 more words

Harobed Fidnuc

Ignat, the holiday of the pigs

Hello, everyone! <3

This is a new episode about Romanian culture and here I am going to talk about a holiday before Christmas which is specific to us Romanians. 806 more words


Words of Power.

The thing I find most interesting about Faust is that he progressed from the word, to thought, then to the notion of power, and ended with the deed. 986 more words


A Lonely, Silent Night

With desperation in her heart, she summoned him without hesitation.
The darkness of the last few weeks had been so overwhelming, that the warnings of the old woman had not found its way into her thoughts, never even considering that who she was calling for, was not the same person he had once been. 67 more words

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