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Crystal Sorcerer

Check out my new Crystal Sorcerer website for crystal healing, psychic activations, and spellcasts. I will also soon be accepting apprentice sorcerers on this website, which will make you a personal apprentice of mine in the ancient art of sorcery! 16 more words

Psychokinesis Training

Your Wicked Witch

I live in the woods
Far from the town
With a black cat Salem
That follows my lead
I wear a pointed hat
With my broomstick at hand… 154 more words



It is that time of year where the veil between life and death is at its thinnest. It is the time for casting spells, for tapping into your extra sensory perception and connecting with the other side. 57 more words

Trick or Treat!

by Jemma.

It’s Halloween! A time for magic, spells and potions! We have many plants in the Materia Medica that were used for mystical purposes. So if you are a witch in need of ingredients for your flying ointment: we have belladonna, which you can mix with hemlock, wolfsbane and other such ingredients to make your broom fly high into the sky. 75 more words

University Of Manchester

Letters to my Loved Ones

On Samhain night, we remember our loved ones who have passed over.  If you have loved ones that you’d like to remember in a special way, here is something you can do: 360 more words

Magickal Spells


Halloween or ‘All Hallows Eve’ is celebrated every October 31st, with costumes, lollies and the occasional party. Originally it was the Northern Hemisphere pagan celebration called Samhain which is Gaelic word for ‘Summer’s End’. 365 more words