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Dear readers,

I am deeply sorry for the lack of posts… My cousin is here so I may not continue any of my spells or rituals in fear of her finding out. 31 more words

A Spell to "Sweeten" a Mean 'Ole Hateful Nasty Person

This recipe has been a favorite of Witches for so long that there is no telling where it originated.  There are many variations of this recipe in books and all over the Internet.  621 more words

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New Level 100 Shadow Enhanced Spells

If you’ve been keeping up with the test realm, you probably know about the new “Shadow-Enhanced” spells. They take five regular pips and one shadow pip. 1,091 more words

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Focusing my intent.

I am starting out with simple beginnings – a Smudge Stick. I’m having a few teenage related issues with my oldest right now, so I’m hoping a good cleanse of our home and family space will grant a little respite from teenage tension. 180 more words

Cleansing The Home

A 1,300 Year Old, Egyptian Book of Spells Has Been Deciphered

Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered (Live Science)

Order the Coptic Handbook of Ritual Power

How did the Egyptians in the 8th century A.D. cast a love spell, exorcise a demon or subjugate their enemies? 238 more words


This Is Shit, So Why Do I Love It So Much?!: Guilty Pleasures In Video Games

Retrospection is 20/20 vision, it is very easy to see flaws and problems in moments when you seemed to have thought of everything. However, it still doesn’t explain why I loved something I did when I was younger. 1,026 more words


Conquer the heart of your loved one with recent discovered Egyptian spell

Australian researchers have deciphered an ancient Egyptian handbook, revealing a series of invocations and spells.

The Egyptian Handbook of Ritual Power (as researchers call it) has been deciphered revealing a series of invocations and spells. 654 more words