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"BILLS" Banishing Spell

This spell is crafted to get rid of monthly bills and expenses.  This can happen in a number of ways.  By not defining exactly how it happens, you leave the Universe open to every possibility, including: 640 more words

Magickal Spells

C is for Candle Magick (Part 1)

Choosing Your Candle

Candle magick is one of those topics that is very familiar for most pagans whether or not they have taken the time to study this part of the Craft. 783 more words




“I’ve got feckin’ toothache!” groaned Henrietta Blackboil to Griselda Entwhistle. The miserable and barely sober old woman was visiting Griselda (as was her wont when she needed something), and a bout of pain from an infected tooth was surging through her head and making the pupils of her eyes spin. 964 more words


Barricade Portal

Hold Portal has gotten a reputation of being almost a joke spell. Intrinsically, it’s not a very evocative spell. It kinda jams up the door for a couple of minutes, and you have to hope it’s enough. 318 more words


Getting Familiar With Familiars

I’ve seen more players lately, enjoying the fun times that can be had with using this handy little companion, who will help you out when you need it most.  776 more words



The book of Magic and potent spells

Is only found where witches dwell

Deep in the forest on a misty night

Where spooky things often take to flight… 30 more words


Do Spells Work?

I have a question about spells, 1 do they work,  and do you think this one will work (one I came up with)

As I sit here in this hour,

569 more words
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