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Determined To Love

Most of us are determined people. Let’s face it, America was built on determination. The fundamental exercise of the Human Will is paramount in our self discovery, our livelihoods’ , our family and acquaintances in social settings, education and environment. 347 more words

Shaman Witch

Snow Magick

Here in New England we were hit with some snow over the past few days. While my area wasn’t hit as badly as was predicted, I still have quite a bit of snow in my yard. 466 more words

Wicca And Paganism

New Years Resolutions & Magick

For most Pagans, the New Year began back on November 1, right after Samhain night.  Most paths and traditions have certain rituals that are performed on that night, and some (like mine) include a section in the ritual that allows the celebrant to plant thought seeds (make resolutions) for the new year. 614 more words


Need a love spell ?

Love is a complicated emotion. It can have us feeling on top the world one day, and then under the waters of the deepest ocean the next. 523 more words


January 2015 - Full Moon recap

The January Moon was a quiet one for me. My group met and we mostly had a discussion over spell work and did some brainstorming. It was good to catch up and plan out some things for the year. 257 more words


Preparing for the New Wheel Year

It’s that time again.  Time to set up your Calendar for the New Year.  As a spell-casting Witch, you will need to know when the New Moon and the Full Moon are coming.  1,661 more words


Goddess, Hear My Cry

O Great Mother, you who have loved me and guided me, protected and nurtured me, I come to you this night with a cry of fear and pain in my heart. 221 more words