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Hoodoo Honeypot Spells

If you’re familiar with a witch bottle, then I think the concept of a honeypot won’t be too difficult to fathom.  In a witch bottle, you take items representative of a person or place you’re attempting to protect–things like hair and nail clippings–and stuff them into a bottle with a lot of ‘negative stuff’ like rusty nails, needles, pins, broken glass, razors.  1,581 more words

Personal Work

A Curse

Damn them all, I’ll watch them fall
By powers of earth and sea
By powers of wind and fire
I’ll see them all drown
See them all expire… 227 more words

Ritual Eye Make-up

Tomb paintings, statues, documents and various artefacts such as kohl tubes, unguent jars and a myriad of make-up containers attest to the widespread use of cosmetics and make-up in Ancient Egypt. 1,077 more words

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Equinox: Planting Seeds of Rebirth

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I’m taking a break from my ongoing series on Grassroots Leadership to join the Tarot Blog Hop on the theme of the Spring Equinox. 3,072 more words

Personal Growth

Bloggery itself as a ritual and spellwork and devotional practice

Bloggery (that’s my term for blogging, I likes it. better flow and scansion) to set in ritual and practice. In itself be ritual and specific spellworks — not just a vehicle to convey and communicate about them. 171 more words

Resolving Resolutions Solvents Solutions

Spirit Branch pt 2

So we dug through my ribbons, yarns, and beads, created something that was meaningful to each of us, and said a few words as we tied our first offerings on.  101 more words


Keeping it light

Every so often, I get a little too attached to magic. In Buddhist terms, I cling. When that happens, I get yanked back.

I’ll try to describe what happened to me the other night while adhering to the fourth pillar of the Witch’s Pyramid: To Keep Silent. 900 more words