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A Spell to "Sweeten" a Mean 'Ole Hateful Nasty Person

This recipe has been a favorite of Witches for so long that there is no telling where it originated.  There are many variations of this recipe in books and all over the Internet.  621 more words

Magickal Spells

Banishing Spells


If you are coming to Celtic Witchcraft from one of those “times three” paths, you have likely been terrorized when it comes to Banishing Spells. 929 more words

Magickal Spells

Spellbook Correspondence: Against Storms

Moon:  Any

Color:  Black ~ Blue

Gemstone:  Amethyst ~ Clear Quartz ~ Obsidian ~ Onyx ~ Sodalite

Tarot:  16-The Tower ~ 13-Death ~ 2-Swords

Deities: 137 more words

Magickal Spells

On hexing your enemies.

If you’re anything like me (and I’m sure you are, since I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who reads this blog), you really hate people. 648 more words

Things I Dislike

Casting a Love Spell ON Somebody

I have often seen witches warning newbies and other witches about the dangers and immorality of casting spells on other people to make people do things “against their will”. 1,027 more words


Spellbook Correspondence: Against Grief

Moon:  Waning to New

Color:  Black ~ Blue ~ Brown

Gemstone:  Amethyst ~ Blue Lace Agate ~ Sodalite

 Tarot:  2-Swords ~ 3-Swords ~ 8-Swords

Deities: 324 more words

Magickal Spells

Banish Negativity Spell

Spell to Banish Negativity

Using a Black candle, anoint with oil (Can use Olive Oil if you don’t have any Altar Oils) as chanting the following Spell. 208 more words