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"BILLS" Banishing Spell

This spell is crafted to get rid of monthly bills and expenses.  This can happen in a number of ways.  By not defining exactly how it happens, you leave the Universe open to every possibility, including: 640 more words

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Do Spells Work?

I have a question about spells, 1 do they work,  and do you think this one will work (one I came up with)

As I sit here in this hour,

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A Mojo to draw a new Love

To draw a new love interest into your life, craft this Mojo under the Full moon.  When you have filled the bag, set it on your Altar Tile with a pink spell candle and let it set there until the candle burns itself out.  83 more words

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A Powerful Love Powder

This powerful potion is crafted to draw Love into your life.  Resist the urge to direct your energies to any particular person.  Instead, visualize the kind of person you imagine you would like to be in a long-term relationship with, and be receptive to whoever the gods bring forth for you. 105 more words

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A Magickal Oil for Love

This magick potion can be worn as a perfume or used to anoint candles and mojos.  On the day of any Full Moon, mix the oil in an amber or colored glass bottle and set it in a sunny place.  39 more words

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To Reverse Any Love Spell

You should NEVER cast a Love Spell on a particular person.  “Making” someone fall in love with you is almost always a very bad idea.  Most of the time, the person turns out to be everything you don’t want in a romantic partner.  140 more words

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A Stone Spell To Find a New Love

On the evening of any Full Moon, light a pink candle and while holding a Rose Quartz gemstone in your hand, look at the flame and visualize the kind of person you would like to have a romantic relationship with.  78 more words

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