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Mini mince pies with spelt flour crust paired with a cheese and apple salad

I wouldn’t normally put mince pie (the savoury kind) in the “quick and easy dinners” basket, but this recipe (adapted from the Petite Kitchen cookbook, once again) is really easy to do and doesn’t need any special ingredients (except maybe… 408 more words


Spelt biscuits

Some days, for no reason, I get the urge to bake. Today was one of those days. I made spelt and honey buscuits, and chocolate cornflake cakes.


Havre & speltrundstykker - Oatmeal & spelt rolls

Norwegian and English recipes

Spelt og havre er fantastiske ingredienser i gjærbakst, og gir en ekstra god smak på rundstykkene. Disse er perfekte til frokost og lunsj! 220 more words


Vegan Coconut Cupcakes: how to be good and naughty at the same time

Let’s face it, sugar is bad for you. Very bad. It’s almost as bad as villains in Sergio Leone films. But you’re thinking YOLO, I’m young and crazy, I can let my hair down and eat a pack of Oreos, Galaxy chocolate and Twix in one go! 325 more words


Yogurt pancakes

I’ve finally found the perfect pancake recipe. Out of all the recipes that I tried, this is the perfect one. So good I had to resist eating while frying! 156 more words

Clean Eating

Winter Holiday Friands

My Early Kooka oven never stops during winter, it keeps the house toasty warm while roasting a hearty dinner or freshly baked afternoon tea.

Our little possums love baking nanny’s friands, a special treat reserved for the holidays when we don’t have to worry about nuts in the school lunchbox. 309 more words


Attaching to Hurt (and Pancakes in a Pinch!)

All of us have been hurt and will be hurt, and all of us have caused others to hurt. It’s next to impossible to traverse life’s journey without encountering the basic human emotion of pain. 553 more words

For Self Reflection