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Spelt, dairy-free, English Muffins

Yes! No butter needed!  and they are as tasty as the traditional ones. They are fluffy, lovely toasted and perfection itself with strawberry jam or a bit of Marmite. 457 more words


Rice crackers for babies

Ingredients: choice of brown rice flour or spelt flour or both, olive oil, coconut oil, one sweet potato, water.

In a bowl, mix the the flour you decide to use with warm water, by adding just a bit and mixing and adding more until it has a thick consistency and it can be shaped in your palm. 148 more words


carrot muffins

Not really bread, I know, but I’m waiting for my new sourdough culture to get going before I do another bread post. Maybe.

Anyway, carrot muffins… these come from Muffins Fast and Fantastic by Susan Reimer, more or less, and they aren’t bad. 343 more words


Bread in a Jar

Let’s face it.  As much as I love cooking and eating around the holidays, it can become mighty overwhelming when there is food everywhere you look.  662 more words


Coconut jam slice

I have recently been trying to use a wide variety of foods to get a better selection of vitamins and minerals. For example using calcium-fortified soy milk, oat milk, almond milk, ancient grains milk, hazelnut milk, and coconut milk on my cereal. 199 more words

Savoury Walnut and Cheese Biscuits, with Spelt Flour

Warning: if you’re looking for an indulgent cookie recipe, or “something-kids-will -love” then this is not it! But if you want a savoury snack that you can have relatively guilt-free, and serve up to friends with some chutney, cheese and a good cup of tea, then step right up! 625 more words


Whole Grain Double Chocolate Muffins

Baking 12 muffins at a time works for large numbers of people but if you are baking for two and you like your muffins fresh, what’s a girl to do? 262 more words