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Cumin-Coriander-Bread-Rolls And Getting The Hang of Bread Baking

For breakfast this morning, I presented my boyfriend with my White Wheat-Free Bread, proud to the brink. However, even toasted, he didn’t seem all that content. 378 more words


Apple coffee cake

I like making square cakes with muffin batter. But most muffin recipes involve milk. So I use one cup of milk for this cake, 1/2 cup for crêpes and the rest of the milk dies in the fridge. 470 more words


White Wheat-free Bread That Will Make Your Toast-Deprived Tummy Sing With Joy

I started an experiment this morning. Earlier this week, I baked apple-raisin-bread, using a recipe of Gluten-Free-Vegan-Girl, which required brown rice flour. I actually found some in an organic health food store, and the bread turned out great. 483 more words


Spelt loaf with pumpkin and sunflower seeds

My Walnut and Date Bread lasted only 1 day, so yesterday I went back to baking. There is nothing nicer than the smell of home-made bread when the temperature drops outside and the sky goes dark. 549 more words


Lunch muffins

Sweet morning to you all,

Muffins. Who doesn’t love muffins? There are so many kinds; blueberry muffins, banana muffins, yellow muffins, carrot muffins.. I made my own little twist as a healthier option as I love them so much. 122 more words

Breakfast And Lunch

For a healthier sunday brunch: Guilt-free mini plum cakes

If you want to treat yourself without going on a chocolate binge – these little mini plum cakes are just the right thing for you! I made them for a sunday brunch, but you can of course enjoy them any other day for breakfast or for desert. 341 more words


serious business

As I head into week five (six?) of law school, things are starting to get serious.

Three legal pads full of writing assignments and case briefs, a comprehensive midterm one week away, my favorite book bag discarded because it wasn’t up to hauling around 80+ pounds of books at a time – 293 more words

Wheat Free