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#433 Mighty No 9 crock pot project

On this little blog of mine I tend to talk about either indie or AAA games I either own or planning to own but I also talk about games that have just been released that I have no interest in buying. 581 more words

#427 Penultimate Extra Life 2014 Update

At the start of the weekend I received some amazing news. As you know, since the initial announcement post back in Be MOP #376, I signed up with the Extra Life organization to help raise money to support Boston Children’s Hospital and because of all the contributions from many of you we were able to reach the Extra Life fundraising goal! 371 more words

#426 The Appeal to Pixel Perfect Precision Platformers

For my Wednesday stream I played VVVVVV for all of Twitch to see. I could only last half of my regular streaming time, one and a half hours, for the sake of my sanity and cool. 436 more words

#424 Games from my Backlog for the month of September 2014

Another month, another dollar, and another batch of games to try to tackle in my on going series ‘Games from my Backlog’ to try to trim down the amount of games I have yet to play. 708 more words