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#364 Post PAX Decompression

PAX East is officially ended last Sunday, the three days of heading down to Boston for non-stop video game fun but now have left me totally exhausted. 378 more words

#362 The Liebster Award

This weekend I received a notification from WordPress that I have been recognized by Growing up in Azeroth for a Liebster Award! While I usually do not like talking about just myself on this blog too much, for today I will gladly make the exception. 1,358 more words

#360 2048's evil lure of 'just one more game'

Last night, after work I meant to crack into some of the new games I have been meaning to get into for this month but I ended up playing a fan made Pokemon version of 2048.  374 more words

#359 Games from my Backlog for the month of April

Well it is April and just like the the waning and waxing of the moon it is time to choose few more games from my backlog to focus on playing throughout the new month. 416 more words

#358 The Official Origin Story of my Steam Account

It is the end of the month of March and with this an important gaming milestone, my third anniversary of joining Steam.

Since my three years of downloading Valve’s Steam 200+ games collection and hundreds and hundreds of hours of gameplay on record.  512 more words

#356 Finally Finding Free Time to watch Free to Play

This weekend I found some time t0 sit down with popcorn and soda  to watch Valve’s recent documentary of the competitive side of Dota 2, … 428 more words

#353 Humble eBook Bundle 3

Alright everyone time to close out of your games, log off of steam, and unplug yourself from the virtual world. Where I am writing from Spring is finally starting to win against Winter on that terrible Battlefield called the month of March. 587 more words