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#487 Diving into Bravely Default

As a follow up to last week’s story finally opening my copy of Bravery Default, I decided to spend a few hours this past weekend in to dig into a proper Square Enix game. 367 more words

#486 The Bravely Default Story

Since I first received my 3DS at the start of last year I have been able to collect quite a collection of games in my library, from physical games, digital games, and virtual consoles. 637 more words

#483 Thoughts on the New 3DS Handheld

In the middle of this week Nintendo hosted their monthly Nintendo Direct NA feed across the internet. Nintendo started the new year running with status updates on some confirmed games for this year, while revealing some new upcoming projects and most importantly Nintendo showcased their newest handheld, the New 3DS device. 416 more words

#482 My 2015 Gaming Watchlist

We are weeks into the new year and that was just the right amount of time to wrap up the last few things of 2014, so with that lets turn our eyes towards the new year with all the new game titles that are slated for a 2015 release date that I am  interesting in playing for the new year. 618 more words

#479 The Post 2014 Winter Steam Sales report

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the wonderful Steam Winter Sales has ended and with that Gabe Newell has packed up all of his Green Discount tags, Trading cards, and Decorations and placed them all into storage to be brought out next year. 430 more words

#477 Games from my Backlog for the month of January 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all were able to ring in the New Year whereever you are around the world. We have a new year ahead of us and with that I need to ring in the New Year by diving into my Library of Alexandria- sized gaming backlog and designating a few games to play through over the course of the month. 723 more words

#476 Finally Buying Super Smash Bros. for the 3DS

Last Monday night, with some spare Christmas cash I caved in and bought Super Smash Bros for the 3DS, on the way to home from work. 591 more words