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#472 Where are you Steam Sales?

As predicted, the yearly Steam Winter sales has hit the servers and as the norm most of the PC games in Valve’s store catalog went on sale at incredible prices. 537 more words

#470 Dusting off my Steam Wishlist for the Harsh Winter Sales

A little birdy told the internet that the 2014 Steam Winter Sales will be starting this Thursday, and that means that soon all the good little boys and girls around the world will open their Steam clients at 1pm EST to find all of their favorite games on sale at ridiculous prices for the next few weeks.  432 more words

#469 The B.M.O.C Christmas Story

I have noticed that the past month or two I have been more or less writing almost exclusively about Nintendo and their products. You guys can all blame it on the fact that one game company started bringing out amazing games since the middle of October with Mario Kart 8’s DLC and ending up with the suprube Super Smash Bros. 679 more words

#460 Your Post is in another Castle

What do you get when this blogger spend most of his weekend of playing Super Smash bros with his family in the living room while playing Omega Ruby with the rest of his free time? 66 more words

#456 Who’s going to PAX East? -2015 Edition-

Earlier this week the people at Penny Arcade started selling tickets to their 2015 PAX East event and I was able to secure my weekend passes for the fifth year running. 457 more words

#453 Nintendo's Direct attack on my wallet.

Nintendo held another one of their direct to consumer web stream, called Nintendo Direct. While I was at work during the session but when I got home I was able to catch the highlights and big reveals, out of the entire hour long stream session three things has caught my eye that I want to talk about with all of you. 645 more words

#452 This Post is about Nothing

I have nothing prepared for Be MOP today. These past few days have been quite hectic and it has directly impeded my plans to write about anything videogame related. 503 more words