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I fell off the wagon a little

My blog is dedicated to personal finance, but recently two things happened (okay, 3)

1. I started using credit cards again. I should say 1 credit card. 347 more words

Personal Finance

Frugal Idea #26: Speak up

One of my favorite No Doubt songs is “Don’t Speak”. However, I have learned to “Speak Up” to save money.

In November, I will be part of the wedding party for two really great friends. 727 more words


Debt Repayment... a marathon or a sprint?

Admittedly, I have not been as committed to paying off my loans these past few months as I was when I first started this blog. 419 more words

Random Thoughts

Life is expensive....

College as a sophomore, sucks. Reality happens. You’re no longer chillin’ in the cramped dorms, stuffing your face with starchy cafeteria food with no understanding of how much life actually costs. 475 more words


Combining Finances

Even though The Banker and I have lived together for over 3 years, we haven’t ever really combined finances. We have a shared account that our rent comes out of, to which we each contribute equally. 309 more words

Two Becoming One, and Financial Differences

We have been married  four months. Not long in time perspective but things are going good. We have little disagreements but nothing I would say was bad. 595 more words

Feds Paid Over $700 Million To Workers To Sit Home On Administrative Leave

Government Has Paid Millions For Workers To Stay Home

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” The federal government has shelled out more than $700 million in paid leave to more than 57,000 employees who were home from work for time periods stretching from one month to three years, a Government Accountability Office report has found.

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