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Why do we need Financial Literacy?

Thank you to my fellow Financial Literacy advocates, there are more and more Financial Literacy seminars being conducted not just here in Japan and Philippines but all over the world. 617 more words


Iconic Lights: Dazzling Pendants That Assortment From The Elite To The Spending Budget-Pleasant

When we talk about iconic pendant lights we typically believe of the numerous creations of George Nelson or related timeless pieces that had been produced by the Mid-century masters. 24 more words


When I graduated college and entered “the real world,” I determined I needed to acquire a better wardrobe.  I must have read article after article in magazines and online about the 20-something woman’s essential wardrobe must-haves.   117 more words


Dadmissions: The Day My Kid Used Her OWN Money

It’s the sweetest picture ever. The sweetest! Well not the picture itself. Truthfully it doesn’t show much. It’s kind of boring and out of focus. But look closely. 449 more words

Second Class Mental Health Service


So here is old news but figures that should outrage you. This will explain why I had to see a private psychiatrist as otherwise I would have had a massive waiting list and who knows if those suicidal thoughts would have got worse. 34 more words

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Baby, I'm A Star!

by Jason Bradley

So, I guess I’m some kind of a celebrity now. A lame one, I’ll grant you, but my phone and email have been blowing up since Johnny B mentioned me in the MN League of Women Voters debate. 648 more words

City Government

Why Are Weddings Costly? Putting The Record Straight + A Guide To Managing Your Wedding Ceremony Spending Budget by Marriageous

Last week, the BBC published this feature on how to have a wedding on a budget.  Their ideas incorporated ‘do it in November’ and ‘get help from your friends’, or ‘serve prosecco alternatively of champagne’.   31 more words