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57. Rose West's Favourite Podcast

This week, we discuss U2’s invasion of iTunes, a colossal pervert dog, and a man who very literally died by his own hand.



We've picked our clinic.

After we were married I wanted to make an appointment at a clinic as soon as we were home from honeymoon!! But Carrie wasn’t as keen but after a few weeks she said she would be happy to start the process in October. 399 more words

Which companies rob the sperm of billionaires and then, without their permission, in vitro make babies?

Which companies try to blackmail billionaires by robbing their sperm from them & making babies from that sperm without their permission.  And what happens when 3 companies do the same thing???

Photos coming soon.


Man Has Heart Attack Looking At Porn At Sperm Bank

A man was on his fourth trip of the week to make a “donation” at a sperm bank and when he didn’t come out of his private booth for over two hours- staff went in and found him on the ground after he suffered a heart attack. 96 more words


Thieves Surrender Once They Realize They Robbed A Sperm Bank

A crew of criminal masterminds (and I use that term ironically, Modern Philosophers) surrendered today to authorities in Southern Maine after they realized that the bank they’d robbed was a sperm bank. 352 more words


25th aug

Im not due for a pregnancy test until 1st September but today I have been feeling sick and feeling faint and getting too hot and also mood swings.   63 more words