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FAQ: Who is the baby daddy?

We like being asked questions about our baby journey. It allows for new information, input, and maybe even more insight into it all.

One thing that we get asked a lot is, “who is the donor”? 837 more words

Lesbian Pregnancy

Should white mom get paid for mistakenly receiving sperm from black donor?

What is the price of being forced to raise a brown baby?

It’s an unusual question, arising from an Ohio woman’s unusual lawsuit prompted by an insemination gone wrong. 930 more words


Your Mama...!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all lifestyles are not created equal, that they should be evaluated in light of the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, and that those endowed by their Creator with Reason have the right and responsibility to proclaim Reality to a delusional Society.” (from The Declaration of Reason)

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Beer, lego and sperm

Denmark’s top three exports, apparently.

Danish sperm banks are making money “hand over fist” (I quote), according to this BBC World Service radio documentary. They provided around one-third of the UK’s total sperm imports in 2010, quite amazing. 10 more words

Donor Insemination

Sperm Bank Stigma

A new National Sperm Bank is opening up in the UK to combat the lack of donor sperm available here. I first read an article about it a few months ago, and quickly found myself scrolling the comments section. 499 more words


This happened to the 'Nobel Prize sperm bank' just for supersmart people

(CNN) — It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie: An eccentric millionaire creates a sperm bank with donations from only extraordinary men — Nobel laureates, an Olympic athlete and geniuses with off-the-chart IQs. 753 more words