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Choosing a Donor

In order to use a sperm donor I was pretty clueless about where to start. I figured that finding a sperm bank was the best place to start. 1,041 more words

On Selecting a Donor

Well I’m not here with any sage wisdom on how to select the “perfect” donor for your family–more like lots of questions.

To quickly provide some background, my wife and I have pretty much decided to use a sperm bank to find a donor who is willing to have his contact information shared with any children when they turn 18.  730 more words

Before TTC

march 2

if i do get pregnant from my iui i quite like the idea of having twins a boy and a girl but i know how much hard work that will be on my own if its just the one baby i dont mind which gender it is but since im a girl i will probably know better what a girl is going through when the baby gets to the teenage years :)


27th feb

I had my iui treatment I been trying to conceive on my own because I don’t want to be with any one but I want a family I am worried that it wont work and I wont get pregnant though im also worried that if I do something bad happens to the baby and I have a miscarriage I am trying not to get my hopes up anyway incase  I cant have kids and it doesn’t work out