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Trying, trying and trying some more to conceive

This is our first month of TTC since I last got a BFP in October (which ended in our third miscarriage in December). Whilst that might not seem very long, I was very keen to try again and hated the months of waiting for the molar pregnancy testing to be complete. 363 more words

Thoughts Of The Day

He Always Has it Easier- Bill's Pills

Here is the list of supplements Bill is taking. It is notably shorter than mine. Go figure! We definitely saw an improvement in his little swimmers after following this regimen. 129 more words

Control What You Can Control

I spent the majority of the day worried that my treasured iTunes library with all its organized playlists had disappeared forever. I spent two hours with Apple support and an equal amount of time beforehand in chat rooms and reading troubleshooting links trying to avoid Apple support. 1,084 more words

Fertility Treatment Babies Set Record in US

Interesting new statistic out of the US.  Not sure what the number in Canada would be.  Thanks to AP for the story.

Fertility Treatment Babies Set Record in US… 116 more words