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Cell phone radiation - is your cell phone killing your sperm?

By Lloyd Burrell

Storing your cellphone in your pants pocket might be killing your sperm, and it might also explain the global drop in sperm count due to exposure to radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation emitted by your cellphone, a new study suggests.

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Erectile Dysfunction is easily seen in men who have those behaviors

In modern times, more men are found with erectile dysfunction. Some people owe this problem to genes and other problems. Some erectile dysfunction is caused by some male diseases, which can be cured by herbal medicine… 255 more words

Scientists: Soda May Lower Semen Quality

CAMBRIDGE, MA (CBS Hartford) – A new study has found that sugar-sweetened drinks like soda may lower semen quality.

Researchers found that low sperm motility, or sperm movement, was associated with the high consumption of sugary drinks in healthy men who are lean. 258 more words

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